Dry....and a washer question.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Feb 3, 2010.

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    I am so dry, my skin is just so dry it's driving me nuts! I drink about 2-3 qts of water a day, I lotion up every evening after my shower. Is it just the winter and the dryness in our home? I am going to try running the humidifier and see if that helps.

    Meanwhile, there could be another reason for the itchies. Our washer isn't spinning out all the way. I have to go down and move the basket around and set the dial on HIGH SPIN after each load to squeeze out some more water before putting the clothes in the dryer. I know I need to have the machine looked at my a professional, but I don't have the money for it right now. Just last Friday night our burner needed attention and because we don't have a service contract, it cost $458 so I don't have any spare cash lying around for the washer.

    Does anyone have any ideas of what this problem could be and DIY advice. I was going to try and take off the back of the washer and check the belts and see if H and I could fix it ourselves. It's a Whirlpool if that helps. The machine is balanced properly, clean and only 5 years old. Thanks in advance~
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    Jo! Take a look at the following websites:


    There are direct complaints listed by ticked off customers. If you have the dirt on other people having the same issue, you'll be able to yell at the company effectively. Most of them also mention what the technicians have told them is the problem, so you can figure out if it's something that you and husband can fix on your own.

    I don't want to sound like a jerk, (and what I told the company WAS true - just a little embellished) but my dad's dishwasher door kept flying open in the middle of the cycle. One day my nephew was standing with his back to it, it slammed open and he got a bruise on his back from it. I called the company, spoke to the rep. and told him how I believed that they would certainly stand by their product especially since a small child was hit, thrust forward and terribly injured by their dishwasher.

    There was a repairman there - free of charge - within a week. Now granted, he was 11, it was only a bruise - but it was the principal of the thing.

    Go directly to the company with your complaints. Sears, etc. will only honor the warrantee on file - the company has a lot more leeway!

    Good luck!

  3. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    YUP...I have an idea..but it's going to take some man power and a flashlight...and IF it's what I think it is? Well.....you are going to need either a new part or a good welder.

    If the washing machine isn't spinning out all the way what is happening?

    Okay when a washer spins - there are 2 plates on the bottom of your washing machine (on most) as the washing machine goes into that final spin? The belt goes back and the 2nd plate slides over the first (in a manner of speaking) which pulls tight creating the tension to GET the belt tight. Think of a fan folded up. Now think of that fan opening - if the fan can't open? The belt isn't pulling tight and the washer won't spin out all the way.

    What usually causes this is rust. The bolts get rusted from normal wear (around 5 years) or the plates weld themselves shut from rust. OR The transmission welds itself to a point and won't go any further preventing complete spin out. So....you can tip the washer back, take the cover off, find the 2 plates I'm talking about (if ur mechanically inclined, and then wire brush off those plates and treat all the bolts that are rusted with WD-40 and paint the plates with a rust inhibitive paint like rustoleum, let dry - then replace. Check the belt on the transmission, if it's cracked, or worn - replace it. You can tell too if what I'm saying is the problem because you should be able once the machine is tipped back to push the tranny back with your hand (you will see the plates I'm talking about) They literally slide one over top the other)

    It's a temporary fix - if you really are mechanically inclined.

    The OTHER problem you could be having is with a snubber ring. Not going to try to explain that....but that should only be replaced by a pro.

    My thought at that point would be? Check Lowes scratch and dent aisle (usually back by the bathrooms) and this is the best time of year for that because they are trying to get old models out. The other thing you can try is Habitat for Humanity, or some type of trader paper.

    FWIW - the next time I buy a machine? I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER - to the 100000000th power get GE credit insurance on my appliances. I had a 5 year battle, nearly went to court, and now after 2000.00 in appliances have a mismatched pair - Maytag dryer and GE washer - Never again.....they stink and LOWES? They will never ever get another nickle of my business for an appliance. EVER.

    I will buy from a reputable appliance person who carries their own brand of in house warranties and believe me will I ask questions. TONS of what if's.

    Hope this helps. STAY AWAY FROM GE CREDIT APPLIANCE COVERAGE - they are horrible.....HORRIBLE......HORRIBLE.
  4. hearts and roses

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    Thanks ladies - Star, I think I will take this project on. Saturday.

    This Whirlpool washer and dryer set is one I picked up at Lowes and within 2 years, the dryer began squeaking. Now the washer won't hit that high spin necessary to really squeeze out the water from the clothes. It's not good to put very wet items into the dryer. So I am more than just a little annoyed. 15 years ago I bought a washer/dryer set that was already 15 years old and it lasted another 10 years - that's 25 years old!!! And we only got rid of it because we thought it was broken and done for. After we bought the new set? We discovered it was our breaker, not the machine. Argh. Had I known, I would have stuck it out for as long as the machine would have lasted, it was an excellent machine. I also bought a dishwasher at that same time from Lowes and that only lasted 2 years.

    The next set I buy will be from a reputable appliance house and it will be a front loader set. Unfortunately, places like Lowes and Home Depot are putting all the reputable appliance specialists out of business around here! The [excellent] place I bought my stove and dishwasher from (and got a great deal and they've outlasted every other appliance!) went bankrupt in December. Sad.
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    A washer and dryer should last longer than 2 years. Whirlpools hoover. Also, are you taking any omega 3's? (Fish Oil?) This time of year, I have a good loofah as often as I can, too.
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    Had the same problem....got a new washer. New washer had a problem. Finally, after three trips, the repair service fixed it.

    I haven't tried this yet, but this lady I know sells Norwex products, one of those home sales companies that sell cleaning products. She gave me a sample of their clothes detergent. This other lady that I know kept telling me how awesome it is. 1 tbsp for an HE washer. There are no fillers, no scents and apparently no need to use softener.
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    I have no worthwhile advice to offer. If you can't solve the problem right now due to $$'s (and personally I would call independent repair people, explain the problem and the finances in hopes of getting good advice or
    a discounted service call) perhaps it would help to run the rinse cycle by itself to eliminate some of the residue. Do you have a separate spin cycle?
    Is ther any chance that it works better when activated by itself? DDD
  8. Andy

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    No advise on the washer but just to mention the dry skin. Yes, winter does tend to find drier skin than the rest of the year. It is the only time I have problems with dry skin.

    Look for NATURAL body care lotions. Many over-the-counter mainstay lotions do not absorb into your skin. They are made of the same stuff baby oil is made of and just coat the skin. Natural lotions are made to soak into and moisturize - doing their job.
  9. hearts and roses

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    Hmm, never thought to try that. I will run it and see how it turns out. Thanks. I may learn something.
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    Star has some good mechanical points. We had problems with our washing machine (only it was very old, understandable) when the drum had rusted through and there was a small leak dripping onto the belt. This made the belt slip, so the spin wasn't able to spin as fast and therefore wasn't as efficient. If there is something interfering in any way with that belt (including over-lubrication by any inept technician) then that could be worth considering.

    Otherwise - regardless of whatever warranty came when you bought the equipment, if it is not working proerly and it reasonably could be expected to be still in good working order, then it should be covered by implied manufacturer's warranty, which states that goods must be able to perform the function for which they were purchased; they should be fit to do the job for "a reasonable period of time" as would be expected for that appliance. So it depends on how long a washing machine should be expected to work. Can you call your US-based consumer network? husband & I are members of the Aussie consumer mob (Australian Consumer Association) and they've been a very valuable source of this sort of information.

    Now, to your skin - you could spend a fortune on cosmetics and still not fix this. The problem could be your washing machine not properly removing detergent residue. Or it could be an independent problem. I find winter tends to dry my skin. Then, so does the sun in summer. I use a lot of vegetable oil. I avoid cosmetic creams because they are loaded with preservatives these days and there has been a rash (sorry) of people coming forward with skin reactions, since the preservatives were added.

    YOu could try making your own skin treatment. But first, go to basics - vegetable oil. Baby oil is mineral oil (almost pure mineral oil) and really, should not be used on babies. I learned this before I had easy child, so I never used baby oil on my kids, but used sweet almond oil instead (sometimes perfumed with rose and/or lavender oil). But really, any oil you're prepared to cook with, should be perfectly OOK for your skin.

    But if your skin is dry and scaly, you need water as well. You could do this by applying the vegetable oil to your skin while you're still in the shower, then towel dry. Only problem with this, is the shower recess can get an oil residue build-up. Or, if your skin can tolerate the water-based moisturisers such as sorbolene, apply that then top off with vegetable oil. Add any perfume as you can handle it, if you want.

    To cleanse - avoid over-use of soap and detergent. I made up a skin scrub by using olive oil and cooking salt. Not the coarse salt you use in a salt mill, but the finer stuff that you could put in your salt shaker, only it hasn't had any free-flowing stuff added to it. Put it into a jar with a non-metal lid, top off with olive oil. Add essential oil (a few drops only) if you want. Make sure it's one you like the smell of. Put the lid on and even if the lid fastens down well, don't lie the jar on its side, ever. I put a small plastic spoon in the jar (use one from shop-bought single-serve tub ice creams). To use, put a small scoop into your hand and scrub your hands together (or scrub it onto your skin). Rinse. Your hands will now feel greasy and yuk but don't worry. Pat dry with cloth. Your skin will now feel fabulous.

    These preparations cost $50 in the shops sometimes. YOu can make it for 50 cents.

  11. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    DF had another thought - IF IT IS.....the transmission.....most of them are warrantied for a period of time longer than 5 years. You should check with the brand/make on line.
  12. hearts and roses

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    Thank you Marg for all that information. I do try to use organic/all natural products with-o heavy perfumes or chemicals on my skin already. I do think this most recent itchiness is due to the washer not spinning out correctly and there being a soap/softener residue on our clothing. It's particularly distressing during the night when I'm in my nightshirt. difficult child came to me yesterday evening and asked if we were using new laundry soap, so it is not only me. I've thrown everything back into the wash and am going to hit up the laundromat on Saturday while we figure out what to do with the washer.

    Star, thanks for that additional info - I will most definitely pull out my washer paperwork and read the fine print. What a pain.
  13. Marguerite

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    JO, something we did in our family when we were on holidays and without a functioning washing machine - we threw the clothes into the bathtub after the kids had been in it, tossed in the kids and told them how to stomp grapes. The kids thought it was great fun, and the washing got done that way. We hand-wrung everything, drained the tub then re-filled it with plain water for the rinse cycle.

    I'm thinking you could use the grape-stomping method for your final rinse. Or if you use the laundromat, leave the detergent at home and just use the machines without detergent to thoroughly rinse out the residue.