Duckie and the school nurse...


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First, let's preface this by saying that Duckie's classroom teacher is basically Mary Poppins, she's the sort of teacher we all want for our kids. The school nurse is quite wonderful too, very caring toward the kids no matter how small or seemingly insignificant the child's ailment. She's also very supportive and makes herself available to parents of children who have health issues. :bravo:
So... Duckie's been going to the nurse. A lot. I mean six times in two weeks: for a band-aid on a little red scratch (no blood), a tummy-ache, and four times in two days for a canker sore. She's missing waaaay too much class time in my humble opinion. The nurse agrees. So, I'm now putting anbesol jr on the canker sore, giving her motrin and sending her with salt water to swish around her mouth if it hurts. It worked yesterday, no visit to the nurse.
Does anyone else have a budding hypochondriac? :hammer:


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Yes easy child has 2 band- aids on "boo-boos" right now and she is walking around right now saying "I don't feel right" Huh??? And "I have a tummy ache"....

She is perfectly fine... then she will moan and groan.. it is quite funny, but she is a bit dramatic... I am afraid of the impending school nurse one day... hopefully they will outgrow this.


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My easy child??? 6 yo daughter goes to the nurse every chance she gets and it drives me nuts. She went the day after getting her ears pierced and I was given a call by the nurse that she was complaining about her ear...she said it was just a little pink inside and there was no temperature( i told the nurse they were just pierced and I'm sure she felt foolish), She has asked her teacher to rotate her earings for her, this is a child that had stuff aplied to her ears morning and night and had no signs of irritation what so ever.
She fell down the steps on Sunday and hurt her side... we applied ice and she was fine in 10 minutes, never mentioned it again. I get a nurses note on Monday that she was seen in the office for her hurt side. It goes on and on. In my case the nurse has finally started to figure it out and isn't as much of a push over like in the past.


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I think Corey had a crush on the school nurse...he was there sooooo much. 3-4 times a day. Drove everyone nuts. Now if he goes and there is nothing wrong, he loses his recess to make up the class work. :hammer:
That was the end of the crush - quick! :rofl:

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kt is a complete drama queen as well as a hypochondriac. That girl was in the nurse's office daily, many time 2 or 3 times a day. I finally asked that it be written into her IEP limits on nurse office time.

Our agreement was that kt could check in with the nurse each morning before school started & then at lunch time. It lessened her "illnesses & injuries" :wink: and her time out of class.

That also slowly changed where she checks in with the nurse just once a day. Before she went into Residential Treatment Center (RTC) last year we had her down to 3 times a week.

Just something to consider if this gets out of hand.