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    Duckie spent the week at Girl Scout day camp and the theme was "Silly Scientists". Each unit did two experiments for a science fair on parent night; Duckie and one of her friends were chosen to head up the experiments in their unit since they had recently taken part in their school science fair. The other girls loved what they had done previously and divided into two teams to replicate the experiments (I'm sure the counselors thought "Why reinvent the wheel?", lol!).

    So Duckie and her team did an observational experiment comparing a "clean" water environment to one contaminated by an "oil spill". The campers from other units loved noting the differences between plastic frogs and feathers immersed in each environment. Their table was very busy and the girls asked lots of questions. Duckie even had her notes printed out for others to read.

    She received the "Best Mad Scientist" award for such a detailed and interesting project. :bigsmile:

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    YAY Duckie! Please congratulate and hug for me.
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    Very cool!
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    Way To Go Duckie!!! :congratualtions:
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    What a wonderful addition to her bedroom that will be! Each time she sees it there will be a reaffirmation of how smart and clever she is. Great! DDD
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    Great work, Duckie!!!

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

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    Great work and congrats Duckie!
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    Thanks everyone... she's really been getting into being a "smarticle" for the last several months, especially since getting her sensory integration under better control. She said that she realizes most people play a role or fill a niche within their group of friends... and she may as well be the smart one in her group. ;)
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