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    I am e-mailing difficult child's teacher and the sped teacher to request an IEP meeting to address homework. He does it if he brings it home, but it never gets here. I just wanted to have some of you look it over and let me know how it sounds. Sometimes I don't come across very well. I know the best way is by certified letter, but I would like to try this first as the school has been pretty helpful in the past. Here is the e-mail---

    I am getting more concerned about difficult child and his homework. He does not remember to bring home what he needs, needs help in math, and his planner does not help much as neither he nor myself can read what he writes most of the time, and if we can read it he has incomplete information written down. I would like to have an IEP meeting to address what can be done to help with that. I am addressing this to both of you because I am not sure who needs to address this. Thanks.

    Any input would be great.
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    Sounds good to me. Also sounds like he needs a daily life coach at school to help him with these things and keep him on track.
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    Is a daily life coach just someone who difficult child would check in with at the end of the day, to make sure he is organized?

    I wonder if he is having problems in math due to him having a slow processing speed. I will have to dig up the evaluation the school psychiatric did last year, that was where it was uncovered.
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    My son has a very low working memory index as well as being 6 grades behind functioning grade level at age 18 and two more years to get it done, due to him not wanting to go past 20. We have requested a personal digital assistant but it will be the same as the planner (which has never worked for more than a couple of weeks) if he does not enter info then it will be useless for follow thru, but at this point they KNOW they have left him behind and failed to educate him! So they are accommodating more than usual, but I am working on getting them to do a COGMED, see links below it will cost the district 1500 and it is a computer program they install at on computer at home or school. They also provide a coach and it is proven to improve WMI.