easy child chest hurting. ?


easy child 1 has situs inversus complete (his guts are backwards). He's at work today, nothing strenuous, and having chest pain. At first he said it was like a really bad muscle pull, but now it just feels like he's congested, but he's not.
He's never had health issues beyond allergies, and very few injuries or stitches, tends to get a little overly worked up about things my difficult child's barely notice, but he heart is backwards and on the wrong side of his chest.
Any thoughts what it might be?


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Shari, my mother would say "gas." lol

I, however, would encourage your difficult child to call a doctor and make an appointment if need be. I would not take any chances on chest pains.


Sue C

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I think it best to have him checked, seeing how he does have a medical condition. I get chest pain often. My dr said it's just muscular. (I think that's what she said--at any rate, she said it wasn't serious.) However, I do think you should have your son see the dr.



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perhaps he's having anxiety? Anxiety attacks can mimic heart attacks sometimes. Regardless of what he or you think it is, he should go to his primary care physician and have himself checked. If it gets worse, have him go to the ER. Better to be safe than sorry.


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Asthma can cause chest pain and can be hard to recognize at first if it's not the outwardly wheezy variety.

I'd get him checked to be on the safe side.