easy child/difficult child is 21 today!

Wiped Out

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Wow- how is that possible?! Overall she is doing well. She is managing her depression, makes her own appts with psychiatrist and therapist. She is still living at home, going to school, and working part-time.

She doesn't really know what she wants to do although may go for a degree in radiography which would enable her to operate MRI machines and the like. There are days where the part of her that is a difficult child still shows through very strong ( and I wonder if she will ever move out) but it is not as often as the teen years-thank goodness!

One thing I love is that she is starting to appreciate her brother a bit more. She actually took him to Dairy Queen a couple of weeks ago and treated him-we wondered if the aliens had invaded our home!! Some nights they are watching tv with us and cracking each other up. It doesn't happen often but I appreciate it when it happens.:cool: