easy child/difficult child is trying a new

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    medication starting tonight. She has seen her therapist twice in the past two weeks. Her therapist is very worried about her level of depression (said she is almost catatonically (sp?) depressed). She has gone out once in 3 months. Most days she isolates herself and barely talks to us at all. Some days she just spends in her room in bed (weekends or after school).

    Tonight she had her psychiatrist appointment. psychiatrist and therapist had talked plus psychiatrist had already felt last time we should try a new medication (easy child/difficult child wouldn't at that point).

    Starting tonight she is going to try respidone (sp?). psychiatrist thinks it will help her in dealing with her stress.

    I'm really hoping this will help. I'm tired of seeing her so miserable and tired of her making us so miserable. She is so angry and takes her anger out on everyone, especially difficult child but really on all of us. She rarely has a kind word to say to anyone.

    Ironically tonight she is starting the new medication and before she even starts she is sitting here watching tv and joking with us. It's one of her "good" days that we hardly ever see. Makes me wonder if she needs the medication but I see how she is most days and know we need to try this.

    Cross you fingers this helps with her moods!
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    Crossing for you hon!
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    Crossing fingers and sending hugs!
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    I'm so relieved she started the new drug!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that it helps!!! SFR
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    Perhaps she was feeling a bit of hope at trying something new that sparked a bit of a good mood.

    I hope this new medication works. It must be awful to watch her be so sad.