easy child has had his permit a week.....



...and I'm still kickin'! I found myself thinking a couple of times this evening as he was driving that heart attack girl here may not be best suited as driving coach! :rofl: I keep reminding him, "The brake is your friend."

He's not doing too bad. I'm just a really bad passenger. I'm actually pretty impressed with how well he's doing. And pretty proud of myself for staying calm...most of the time. I've only yelled, "Slow down. More. More. STOP! STOP! STOP!" a few times. :hammer:


easy child has her permit and has gone through drivers ed and I swear there is a hole in the passanger floor board where I have hit my break (if only it was really there) so many times.

Good luck. Remember to breathe. Also don't close your eyes it really doesn't help.



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My brother wrecked every car my parents owned. In fact, within 30 minutes of having his license, he was driving 2 buddies around and they all started fighting over the radio station. Big Bro went to change it and ran into 3 small trees and a fire hydrant. He didn't realize he was off the road until he hit the hydrant. LOL

You're doing good so far! Keep breathing!


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I hope your state has graduated licenses...lol.

That is the best idea I have heard since sliced bread. No more driving car loads of teens all over gods last green acre. You can only drive during certain hours, 2 passengers in the car under certain ages at a time...blah blah blah...and no cell phones on.

Maybe you should ask your doctor for a bit of klonopin to get through this though...lol.


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I remember my mom reading books that were light and fluffy in content. Nothing she really had to think about, but something to help keep her mind busy so she wouldn't make constant comments. She read to herself while I practiced driving.

I also discovered tht getting the car meant getting thee groceries, thedry cleaning and anything else that needed getting.




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I taught difficult child son to drive and it wasn't a problem. He passed the test first try almost 4 years ago. easy child daughter was a different story. I tried teaching her and after about 3 months I paid for her driving lessons!! She has had her license a year this week actually, knock on wood never had an accident, but I can't stand being in the car while she's driving.


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I've yelled, "Whoa whoa whoa!" and "Stop stop stop!" more times than I care to admit.
We haven't hit anything yet. But boy, we've had some close shaves.
The thing is, I'm still shaking all night, and easy child is fine 5 min. later.


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Oh Heather I am so proud of you!!! I would be in the trunk... I can not imagine trying to stay calm during this!!! I would have holes through the floor from trying to brake!LOL

Good for you for showing some restrain...

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Bless you! :angel: We've pretty much decided when easy child gets her permit husband will need to teach her for both easy child's and my sanity!


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Heather, the answer is driving lessons with a professional. Your cardiologist will agree. :wink:

Fingers crossed.



I always reminded easy child that STOP means the wheels STOP turning...not still creeping.

LOL..easy child's friend was in the car and we came to an intersection that had stop signs. Instead of the usual "4-way" posted it said "all way". The friend said, "wow you have to stop all the way here!"


Actually, professional drivers ed is required by law before getting their license. However, it consists of 24 hours of classroom time and 8 hours of driving time. He is required to have 50 hours of driving time, 10 of those at night, in order to get his license.