easy child has latent TB


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She had to take a TB skin test to work in a children's oncology hospital for her internship this year. Ironically, it could have been her work at St. Elizabeths psychiatric hospital that gave it to her to begin with. Or, her trip to Barcelona this summer. Or her trip to Honduras.
The dr said we'll never know. The good news is that she healed from it and it's not active.

easy child had a chest xray, which came out clean.
Four vials of blood drawn today, just in case.
A scrip for 9 months! (After the blood tests come back). The dr gave her the option and she is going to go ahead and do it.
She can only have one drink a month. (Liver enzymes because of the medications.) That will put a dent in her weekends. Fine by me. She should be working on her thesis anyway. :)
She said that she can still do the internship this year because the TB is latent.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend spun a 180 on I-95 between Richmond and Difficult Child last Thursday after he hydroplaned in the pouring rain. So scary! No one hit him, but he hit the guardrail. He's got bruises and also a rash from the airbag.

I hope things settle down after this! I've been on pins and needles for ten days since she had her skin test.:anxious:

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Scary stuff! I am glad the TB is latent right now. So glad her boyfriend isn't seriously injured!

Definitely time for things to settle down now!


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WOW! It's always something with our kids. Sometimes I feel like the ball in a pin ball machine going from one crisis to another. I hope the test are negative and she can get on with her studies.


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Glad to hear the test is latent...scary.

Wow on that crash. I know that part of the road like the back of my hand and it is amazing no one hit him.


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Thank you.
I will call her tomorrow to see if she got the blood test results back. She should have gotten them today.
Meanwhile, her boyfriend is stalling on getting a new car because he wants to save his money for an emergency.
She said, "This wasn't an emergency?" :wink-very: