easy child is apartment hunting!!!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by hearts and roses, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. hearts and roses

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    Yeah!!!! easy child is apartment hunting! And I think she has been for a couple of weeks and never said anything because she thought I'd be upset - Hee Haw! As if.

    Don't want to jinx it, but if you think of it, please send a little strong apartment hunting vibes our way! She is looking for a roommate as the pricing of apts around here is incredible. My hope is she finds another PT student, FT worker who isn't a party animal and is somewhat clean like her. She's low on girlfriends and the on cousin she'd enjoy living with isn't working full time. So she was thinking of posting on craigslist (which I am wary of) and on her facebook page. But I think she needs to set some important parameters and boundaries for herself and am not sure how to say it without her feeling like I'm butting in...which I am not really; I just want her to successfully find a decent apt and well, move out.

    She already has a line on living room furniture from I guy I work with - full leather set with coffee tables and a pull out couch (worn, but still okay) and also a full sized 3 year old bed from her cousin who is looking for a larger bed as she just moved with her boyfriend and needs more space. Cool, right? She already has most kitchen appliances and it's tag sale season so she can find whatever she needs there. I'm not spending a dime this time around. Don't have the money even if I wanted to anyway!

    I will miss her being around, but she's ready and so are we! Fingers crossed!
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    Keeping my fingers crossed and sending many strong apartment hunting vibes her way!!! If it'll help, I'll even do the chicken dance. It'll have to be only on one foot though... SFR
  3. CrazyinVA

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    Awesome! Fingers and toes crossed .. hope she finds a roomie and a place soon :)
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    Suz :wine:
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    Fingers crossed and sending out good apartment vibes! I know craigslist has some questionable aspects but as far as I know, the housing parts are pretty legit. My oldest son (easy child 1) used it when we went to Difficult Child to find housing for him and had only three days to do it; we were able to find a very good place with good housemates. Of course there were duds as well, but it seems to be more or less just another classified ads. I hope all goes well as your easy child prepares to set out - best wishes!
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    Fingers crossed!!! Is there a way you can suggest she run a credit check on anyone she thinks of rooming with as well as a police check? Maybe if you find out how much they are and offer to pay for them? That would be a way to rule out at least some of the problem people.

    She might look into houses for rent, esp if she checks with banks. There are so many foreclosed homes that some of the banks here are trying to rent some of them. Not all of them, and not the fancier, nicer ones. But a friend just learned that several of the houses on her block are going to be rentals this fall because there are just too many problems popping up with all the empty foreclosed homes. it might be just here, but I would bet that it isn't. We are not known for setting trends like that in Oklahoma, LOL.

    The move to an apartment will probably do a lot for your relationship with each other. It is easier to have fun with and enjoy someone you don't live with.
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    Another possibility for finding roommates is to post it at the college campuses. She might find other students looking to share a room and they are hopefully more reliable than someone off of Craigs List.

    Woo hoo!!!!!!!
  8. Our easy child (bio-daughter) is apartment hunting too. She has a lead that sounds wonderful (beach-y town, near the city) but wants to contemplate all her options and make sure she and her roomies will have a savings cushion for the "just in case anything happens" scenarios. She's in a very high rent area so even earning amazing money, sharing an apartment is wise for this stage of the game. (her lined up potential roomies have all been "no drugs no booze" buddies throughout college) daughter-bio will sometimes cook with wine or enjoy a few sips off a cocktail but is THRILLED with the no/drugs no/booze aspect for roomies.
    Wow... It's nice to talk about the child who is pure joy for a change!!!!!:swimming:
  9. hearts and roses

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    Tonight she came home and told me that she found a condo to rent with a couple up near the CC school she attends pt. It's basically her renting a room and sharing the rest of the space, but she would be paying half instead of a third. I don't want to get picky, but it doesn't sound like the right fit. She is convinced she can only afford $450 tops, but I reviewed her income and bills and figured she could actually afford $625 tops and still be able to save a little each month if she's careful and doesn't eat out every meal. But she has that $450 in her head and well, I say, good luck toots. lol. H is worried she will end up in a dive, but my feeling is who hasn't lived in a dive at one point in their life? Especially a first apt? C'mon, she'll live and then she will figure things out.
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    Cool for her!
  11. SearchingForRainbows

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    I agree with you. I know I've lived in my share of "dives", lol... Anyway, natural consequences are the very best teachers. Wishing her good luck in her new place. Wishing you a bit more peace in your home. SFR