easy child petrified to go to school tomorrow


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easy child left early from school yesterday because she has a really bad cold. One of her friends calls after school to let her know that there was a bomb threat called into the school for Friday. And, as if that were not scary enough, a junior came to school yesterday with Cho's name (the Va Tech gunman) printed on the front of his t-shirt and "america's hero" on the back. He was suspended for the rest of the week. Two of the local tv stations aired pictures of the t-shirt the police confiscated.

So today, while in geometry, another bomb threat on the bathroom wall - sheriffs with cameras, all kids to stay in classroom.

An announcement at the end of the day that each student would be given a letter to take home, then the letter was read to the kids over the pa system. The basic gist of the letter was that the principal wanted to assure parents that because of the student sent home yesterday, she felt the rumors about bomb threats and killings insued. There would be increased presence from the county's finest all day.

easy child remains adament about not going. Non of her friends are going either. She says she's freaked out since there are threats, it's the anniversity of Columbine and Hitler's birthday.

I feel two ways. The absolute desire to keep my daughter safe and the absolute knowledge that the principal would close the school if she felt any of the kids were in danger.

She really can't afford to miss any more school (however I would fight with the school stating that in cases where your child feels threatened and so many students were kept home, excuses should be excused and not count).

What would you do?



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I'd keep her home. It must be very traumatic to be in her position (and yours). I think the added pressure of the bomb threats on top of the horrific rampage at VT earlier in the week warrants a mental health day. Treat it as a sick day if you feel guilty: no friends, internet, or phone during school hours.


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Thanks. I have a lot of errands to run. Perhaps I'll have her be my personal driver! I just don't want to see her stressed out.



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I would keep her home.

If there was a threat at my sons school, I would definitely keep him home. Sadly we live in times when these things are entirely possible.

If some kid wants to shoot up a school, they will, police presence or not.

Remember one of the first shootings was a middle school. The kids shot from the woods, not even on school property.

Nope, I couldn't do it, I would keep your easy child home

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Another mom who would keep easy child home. It's just too close the the college shooting incident & there are too many copycat wannabes out there.

We've had several bomb threats here as well - making law enforcement & students crazy. Everyone is on edge.

easy child can be your chauffeur for the day.

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Now see, I'm of a different and hard nosed mind.

If it was my child I'd sent her to school. And I'd tell her that the point of this sort of terrorism (and it IS terrorism) is to make us quake in our boots and afraid of our shadows. If we give in by being comsumed by our fear and stay locked in our "safe" houses, then the bully terrorist has won his sick game. Our freedom is gone.

We had bomb threats back in the 70's almost constantly. I can think of 2 times when there was a bomb. We still attended school each and everyday. I remember an assembly when the principal had gathered parents and kids and asked if they wanted to close the school after one of the bombs was found. Very few kids wanted the school to be closed. We were sick of being drug out of classes several times a week to stand outside in the cold, rain, or heat while the police and fire dept searched the school from top to bottom. We were sick of not being able to go to school and have our classes in peace. And we were MAD. Shutting the school down felt like giving up.

Our school stayed open.

In Dayton there were bomb threats. My kids were sent to school. I told them exactly what was stated above. Here we've had bomb threats, we've had lock downs due to firearms (loaded). My kids went to school.

I guess I'm a bit odd. But when someone takes it upon themselves to take away my freedom by any means I get downright bullheaded. And I am proud to say my kids do too.

I'm not encouraging anyone to do anything they're not comfortable with. This is just how I feel about this sort of thing.


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Adding my .02 - I'd keep her home, too. One day won't make that much difference at school - easy child will feel better and so will you.

Kids have so much more to worry about these days than we did. My worst fear was a pop quiz or having someone wear the same outfit as me. Never did it cross my mind that I could be hurt (or worse) at school.

Hugs to easy child. Let's hope the day goes by uneventful in all of our schools.

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I would let her stay home in light of all that's been happening and in light of the anniversary of Columbine. Heck, I'd be scared if I were a student, and I don't know if I would want to go to school myself.

I am not one for lying, but if you must say your child is sick so she does not get into trouble, then I think I would say that. Back when Angela was in high school and we took her out to drive her down to the drug rehab facility, I called in and said I needed her out of school for personal reasons. The principal would not accept that and said she would have a detention. What a bunch of cr*p. However, I ended up telling the principal what we were doing and she was put down as sick, as she ended up missing 2 weeks of school.

p.s. Being so scared to go to school is "not feeling well."



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While I completely agree with Daisylover, my kids feeling safe for a day would win out over feeling like I was giving into terrorists. Now, if the threats keep coming at her school, I'd have no problem in telling her that we can't and won't be held hostage by any terrorist, domestic or otherwise. Hope that makes sense. I don't see how one day at home could hurt, but giving into the fear day after day is worse than facing it.

I am more than a little concerned that they only suspended the stupid child who wore the T-shirt to school for two days. If he were here in my area, he'd be out probably for the rest of the year.

I hope your easy child feels safe again soon!
Yep, another Mom who would keep her child home if she felt that scared! This is just a horrible week, and with tomorrow being the anniversary of Colombine, who knows!!

I like the "being Mom's taxi driver" idea. I also would throw in some chores, just so that she knows this is a day from school but things still need to be done around the home.

Hugs to you both,


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Another vote for keeping her home--it infuritates me that kids can't feel safe in school but who blames them?. But I would also tell her that provided Friday was uneventful at school she would be returning on Monday.



I kept BOTH my kids home on April 20 EVERY year. The crazies come out for Hitler's birthday and there is no use taking a chance.

I was "weird" to do this according to school officials; by the time easy child was in 8th grade, middle school attendance was way down on April 20th. Anxiety was contagious and I was happy to give mine away--and it worked. Sadly by the time easy child graduated from high school, there were bomb threats every year at this time--and I still kept her home.

Only one year was there an issue--so I took her to the allergist because her allergies are always bad in the spring. I really don't CARE that the school knew for certain that I chose to have a doctor's app't on Hitler's birhtday for a reason and it stopped their "unexcused absence" routine.

I can't keep them home anymore--but I just talked to ex-difficult child and reminded him to stay out of public places, not to go to the post office, etc. I need to call easy child--she will not forget it is Hitler's b-day and Wellesley is pretty out of the way. However, I'd really prefer she not go into Boston tomorrow.

Now that you know this, don't you feel better giving easy child a mental health day?



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Thanks everyone! easy child also told me that today is pot day as well. Great......

So, I have decided to keep her home today. I called the attendence office a little while ago and just said my daughter would not be in today. I then sent an email to the principal saying that while I appreciate the letter coming home and do believe that she would close the school if she felt there was a credible threat, my daughter is freaked out by this whole thing. In the light of the tragedy on Monday, her fears are overwhelming. I will allow her to stay home today. I hope that this will be seen as an excused absence.

Someone mentioned the suspension of the dummy - actually there is a move to have him expelled for the remainder of the year. Don't know a lot about it, but heard it on the news last night.

Thanks for all your opinions and support.


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I'm glad you kept her home. I would have done the same.

This is the exact reason that I hate when they publicize these incidents so much.... I mean I agree with telling ppl what happened but reporting about it all day for days only invites other nuts to be copy cats for attention. Happens every time.

I had forgotten, it is 4/20 which is pot day. Have no clue how this came about but it has been around since I was a teen.


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Regarding 4/20 being pot day, EVERY day at 4:20 pm is considered "pot time." I learned this from Angela when she was in school. So I guess April 20th makes 4/20 "pot day."

p.s. I'm glad you kept your daughter home. And let's pray that nothing happens anywhere today!



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If this trend of threats and incidents during the anniversary week of Columbine keeps up I could see schools start to shift their spring breaks. I hate the idea of terrorists having power over our children and schools to bring about changes like these but for those kids who are threatened, it's already there.