easy child's test results


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Everything was at the "normal" scale except, she showed a high rate of oppositional defiant behavior toward authority.

We are talking about my easy child, that is forgetful and seems to drift from task to task. She has NEVER shown any problem with authority.

When I brought this to the doctor's attention she replied "Didn't you just have to ground her for breaking the rules?" I said "Yes, but no one walks a perfectly straight line all their life, it was a normal 17 yr old test of the rules in my opinion."

When I disagreed with the results she suggested if I just wanted medications for ADD then I could meet with doctor ---- and he would prescribe them.

I declined the referral and said I would think it all over before taking the next step.

medications were the last thing I was searching for. I think I am going to contact the SW to start counsel with easy child.

I am sure I just went to the wrong place, but talk about being rubbed the wrong way!!!!

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I wold take her to another place. We did find out this past year that my easy child was ADD-she had such a hard time focusing on things and was also very forgetful. Hopefully you will find a sw you are happy with-hugs.


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It sounds like you did not get a good feel for this place. Go so someone who you feel comfortable with and it will make all the difference.


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LOL...isnt the very definition of being a teen being a bit oppositional? Good grief! If every teen that got grounded for breaking a few rules got diagnosed with ODD then we would have 99% of the population labeled as such. Oh...and you may want to send that doctor a note. Your daughter is 17 and at 18 ODD no longer applies. What was s/he gonna diagnosis on her 18th birthday? LMAO.

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I think you found a person who doesn't have children. Or Lord help his children if he does have them. :slap:

Definately wise to choose someone else.