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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by helpmehelphim, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. helpmehelphim

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    I just wanted to thank SRL for the edible arrangement idea that I hijacked from another thread here about hostess help. I have a wonderful friend in Texas who is having a baby shower Saturday and I wanted to add something special to it since I can't make it (this friend had a baby shower for me almost 13 years ago). This idea of Edible Arrangements was exactly "spot on" what I needed!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I've placed my order and the chocolate covered strawberries are on the way!
  2. KFld

    KFld New Member

    I have sent my inlaws the chocolate covered strawberries before and my mother in law said they are the best she ever had. Last time I sent them she said they were the size of apples.

    Good choice!!
  3. SRL

    SRL Active Member

    What a lovely way to contribute to the shower when you can only be there in spirit! :flower: I know it always kills me when I'm too far away to miss those special events.

    Does anyone else have other foodstuff places you order from?
  4. KFld

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    For probably the last 4 years I was sending my mom and dad a full steak and lobster dinner from hickory farms. It comes packed in dry ice and needs to be cooked, but they loved it and said it was delicious. My parents moved to Florida years ago and I began running out of things to send for the holidays and they always told me they couldn't get a good steak at the grocery store there, so they appreciated it.

    This Christmas will be my dads and ours, first without my mom. He's coming to my house and I'm cooking my moms traditional roast beef and yorkshire pudding. Not to change the subject, but just wanted to add that in.
  5. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    Omaha Steaks. The best meat anywhere.

    Even their burgers melt in your mouth.
  6. helpmehelphim

    helpmehelphim New Member

    Oh, KFld, thanks so much for that input about the strawberries! I'm so glad to hear it! I was hoping that they would be special.

    Yes, SRL, I am there in spirit! I wanted to go so badly...she had a shower for me and was there when the twins were born. She's really close to difficult child too. Very sweet and good stuff there. I was just so excited when I went to that site...it was such a gift! I'm sending the baby a savings bond (boring but good future stuff) but I just wanted something to say "I'm here with- you guys". :smile:

    Thanks too ladies for the steak advice. I love a good steak but don't seem to pick them well.

    Now, on to Thanksgiving and cleaning!
  7. ScentofCedar

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    The tin comes with white, chocolate, cinnamon-sugar and plain pecans. We ordered them last year for Christmas, and they were delicious.

  8. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I am sooo cheap. I love the edible arrangement idea, but just can't afford it.

    BUT I have a football shaped queso bowl from RoTel. We are going to dip our own strawberries in chocolate and arrange them.

    I will do a separate arrangement with apples cut into shapes, maybe bananas, cherries and other fruit thank you can eat. If he eats the strawberries he will be in trouble. But he says they taste yucky to him (natural defense against allergies?)

    Anyway, we have a yard full of pecans, and so do my parents. WE are going to have them professionaly cracked by someone who has a machine that cracks them and blows over 90% ofthe shells out.

    I will then candy some of them, spice some and make gift tins.

    We will send HUGE containers of shelled pecans to my relatives, simply because we have them and they do not.

    Then we get back HUGE containers of cookies and treats. YUM all the way around.

    I just cooked the steaks we got from ShareColorado. They were really good. It is the cheap food place I posted a while ago. http://www.sharecolorado.com You can even order online and send them, if someone will pick them up.

    The spiral sliced ham works out to about $2/pound and one flyer said it was a major national brand. So, that is our Christmas.

    Thanksgiving will be low stress make-ahead stuff like Turkeybreast in the crock pot, potato salad,cheese tray, etc...

    Unless my bro decides he has to have a big fancy dinner. Then it will be stress and 2 hours late. At least it is not a 3 hour tour.

    These food sites are great! I love the ideas. I think I will make some jumbo caramel apples for husband's coworkers. They look pretty and are not hard to make.

    I may even make some toffee covered caramel corn and drizzle it with chocolate, a la Dave and Tom's.

    (If you haven't tried Dave and Thomas popcorn, it is yummy. You can order a sample (2 smaller bags) for the cost of shipping. Then, they send you a coupon code for $6 or something like that. (cost of the shipping, use on your next order.)

    IF you ask for the free $20 gift code BEFORE you order the popcorn it will come in the email. Then order the free sample and pay for the shipping on that. you can then order the 6 flavor Sampler ($28) and use your gift certificate ($20) and the coupon code ($6 I think). Then add shipping andit ends up being rather inexpensive for high end gifty popcorn. We have wrapped several bags for thank you to give as gifts.

    ALWAYS check for coupon codes and promo codes before you order. I usually google and yahoo search for them. http://www.gottadeal.com usually has most of them.

  9. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    OH! Check out restaurant.com for restaurant gift certificates at low prices. You can send them to people as gifts, just check their area for what is available. Often these are as low as $3 for a $10 certificate.

  10. helpmehelphim

    helpmehelphim New Member

    Yup Susie, it was pricey. I justified it this time since it was such a close friend who has been an important part of our lives and that lives across the country...I'd rather have gone but I went to Boston for a conference a couple of weeks ago and couldn't do both. It was my splurge. I love your ideas and I love to dip our own strawberries. We make peppermint chocolate too and dip pretzels...the only problem is that I love to eat it!!!