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    is on the way. 48 hour test. Went in Monday morning and had all the wires attached. 21 wires. Then they wrapped his head in gauze bandage. His entire head, also going under his chin at one point. Has no head or forehead showing. All wrapped in white gauze. Then they have a white sock thing that they put over the wires and taped onto his head. So it looks like a long white stocking cap going into this backpack that carries the machine.

    While they were doing this I was reading about different types of seizures. Boy, absent seizures I can relate to every symptom. Also, headaches are a symptom.

    When he was a baby and I would feed him his bottle, there were a few times as he was dozing off that his whole body got rigid and would shake all over. EEG done then was for 20 minutes in the hospital. They put all those wires on and said, ok..sleep. 6 or 7 months old, right.

    I have a feeling it will all come back normal. It will take about 10 days for the results. He has to send them off to be read.

    But, he has been on Lamictal for mood stabalizer for 3 years. That is a seizure medication. So is Topomax which is for his headaches. Wondering if this medication will prevent something from happening.
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    You may want to find out if he should be off his medications for this test, my son had an rEEG and had to be off medications for 6 weeks. The test he went thru does not check for seizures specifically, but it measures brain waves and somehow compares them to what typ of medications work. I was not impressed by the results, I did not find them particularyl helpful, but psychiatrist seems to think it is great. After the test, we had difficult child's medications squared away within a couple months.

    Did you ask the doctor administering the test if he should be off medications, or did they mention it?

    Poor kid, it can't be any fun to wear that get up on your head for 48 hours.
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    Yeah. He might have to do one off medications. They might interfer with the results.

    I though Travis would have a normal EEG too. He had the symptoms of absence seizures, and had a history of seizures during infancy. But I dunno. Just figured it would be normal cuz seemed at the time everything was going wrong while we were trying to find a diagnosis. (Didn't help that his pediatrician doctor had totally blown off the infantile seizures saying he'd just "outgrow them") by the way, you DON'T outgrown them.

    But instead of being normal, Travis' EEG was the MOST abnormal one the neuro had ever seen in his 14 yrs of practice!!!! He had to show me and explain he was so amazed. Said Travis was almost in a constant seizure state. He'd heard of such a thing back in medication school, but had never come across it in practice!

    Medication made a huge difference.

    Keep us updated.

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    I just returned from taking my son to his EEG at the hospital. It was a long night since tehy wanted him sleep deprived and it was a battle to get him off teh atble once the test was done. He is sleeping now, had to miss more school but atleast he won't get in trouble today. I am so curious about what they will find out. They seem to think he has Partial Complex Seizures and this test today should confirm that. He also failed some of teh basic neurological test as well, in office (ie. touching his fingers to his thumb without moving other hand, etc) I won't know until the dr. has all of the results, he also was given the TOVA test in the office and I will get those results for sure on the 11th, so patience I guess is what God is tryingto teach me. I could use more that is for sure. Hope your day gets better. Kimba:)
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    We were told to wean down from anticonvulsant/mood stabilizers before doing the EEG test for my daughter. Your testing is not likely to be accurate with Lamictal and Topamax on board.