EGG ???



I had difficult child II go to neurologist and they did a MRI with and without contrast, which came back normal. Now two Psychiatrists have asked me why he did not do an EGG (which is a 24 hour test on the brain). I called neurologist to ask this ?, and he told me difficult child II's behavior was not seizure related in his opinion, so now i am on a fence (again) do I change neurologists? Or push this guy to do what I want, which he does not seem so ready to please. anyone have experince with EGG testing?


Yes, my daughter had EEG testing, but it was after her MRI results came back abnormal (her MRI showed lesions in her temporal lobes, which can cause emotional issues). Her EEG results came back normal (no seizures). What makes you think your difficult child's issues are related to seizures?


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My son had an EEG done to rule out any seizure activity years ago. This was put in place as a precautionary test - just because my son was so troubled. (Might I say staying up all night with a difficult child is not walk in the park). Anyhoo.....I would just press the neurologist to do it if you want it, and can afford it. Whether he "wants" to is pretty irrelevant in my opinion.


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You could always ask one of the psychiatrists to order the EEG. It doesn't have to be ordered by a neuro. thank you's had 2, one at age 6 and another at 13 (both were normal). Both were part of a full psychiatric workup and a neurologist has never been involved in his treatment.


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Not all the time, but studies have suggested (at least from what I've read) that seizures and bipolar disorder can be closely related. There is some speculation that the depression comes because of the disorder. However, it appears that the two come hand in hand much of the time. The relationship between the two has been the cause of much debate, though.

If you are not happy with the neuro that you are seeing, you may consider going to CHOP. You can get in within two weeks. Most children's neuros are a 6 month waiting list for initial evaluation, around here, but they will get you in within two weeks. I've been very happy with them.