EI ending


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difficult child 2 turns 3 in Oct. and then he will with the sd instead of ei. I'm a bit nervouse. I want to homeschool him but realize that he needs the social practise/teaching. So, what I'm thinking of doing is sending him to the pre-school (where they'll teach social skills and speech) and then when he is older homeschooling him. This way he'll get the social interventions when they count the most and the academics when the sd would've mainstream him. I'll have to come up with some sort of daily social practise for the homeschooling.


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Every parent is nervous at transition time!

Having been down the decision making road myself and hearing from many parents, what I would strongly encourage you do to is to evaluate your child's needs on a yearly basis and let his needs direct the schooling instead of your plan/desire. We have a very strong homeschooling community where I live and I was seriously considering that route due to difficult child's very advanced academics, but daily social interaction with peers in preschool proved to be so critical to my difficult child's progress that I knew I couldn't come anywhere close at home. (That has proven to be true all through elementary school, by the way, and he's going into 5th in fall.) I also discovered later than age 3 that my difficult child takes directions in a school setting from another adult in the presence of peers far better than from me (high resistance). This meant that the teachers were able to get far more out of him than I would have, despite my having an education background and the skills and the desire to teach him.

Conversely I've known parents who never had any desire to homeschool find themselves thrust into that position as their children weren't thriving in the school environment for various reasons. (For a higher functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) child this often comes around their middle school years.) Again, here is a situation of the child's needs doing the driving.

Personally I definitely would take advantage of all that early childhood programs have to offer in those early years!