Elbow dr. appointment. (long)



Went very well. It was two+ years ago that my elbows were injured. Due to a warehouse job I took to hold me over until I found a job in my field. For 8 - 10 hours a day I unloaded pallets, non-stop. cut box tops, taped back up and labeled. i asked for help when my elbows began to hurt (after a year) and I was told I didn't need help, the slower ones would get the help.

Finally when my elbows swelled up I was sent to the ER. That has been an on-going issue now for two years. Over two years.
I have had cortisone shots, therapy and surgery for my right elbow. I was told it would take one full year to heal and that would be the best it would be. When that year was up, I called the insurance company back regarding my left elbow. (I did discuss this with them many times but they wanted me to do one at a time) My left elbow developed atrophy after a cortisone shot. All the tissue and muscle disappeared and only had a bone sticking out. Causing the nerve to have no protection. took about a year for the "fat" to grow back in. I have no strength in my right elbow, but I have no pain. My left has a constant bruise. On the inside of elbow. (tennis elbow) Cannot push down or in. Cannot even pull the blankets up, open bottles, lift frying pans. So much pain. Resting my elbow on the arm rest in the car, or on the desk at work causes numbness.
I have been fighting with the workmans comp people since early spring. the Lady who had my case is no longer with the company so apparently nobody can verify what she has told me. I was told I had to prove this was related to the injury two years ago. I was told I injured it myself after that. So, I went to my orthopedic dr. He sent in his notes. Insurance company still not happy. Sent Dr. more questions. Had to wait for those notes to be sent back. Insurance company STILL not happy. Sent me to their own Independent Medical Examiner. I went there today. I saw this same Dr. two years ago prior to surgery on my right elbow. this Dr. asked me why I was there. He told me he gave his opinion two years ago that BOTH elbows were injured due to work, and his opinion has not changed. He did the exam, asked me a ton of questions. Then he said he had to read the questions to be sure he has them all answered. He read one of the statements out loud...he laughed..he then said, "who ever wrote this is less than intelligent". Sigh...big sigh..I have been thinking that all along. So, he agreed that it is time to repair those tendons that seem to be causing the bruising. Elbow is too damaged for therapy or cortisone. My doctor wants an MRI and an EMR. I absolutely hate the EMR. It is so painful. I think the doctor likes to zap me to see how far my body can jump off the table!!! This doctor today said he does not think there is nerve damage, however when you do surgery there will be swelling and they need to rule out any nerve issues prior to surgery.

Now I need to wait for him to send in his notes and get these tests scheduled. i do not want to miss work, I don't use my arm anyway. Last time doctor would not release me until stitches were out. But the pain from the surgery was far less than the daily pain. Can't wait. i am so excited about not having pain. What a silly thing to be excited about..surgery.

sorry so long, just am so excited to thing how many times I have spoken to the stupid insurance adjuster, how many times I have explained, over and over what is going on. and now there doctor agrees. big, big sigh.


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Do you have a lawyer? I would speak to one.

I see cases like yours on a daily basis come through my desk. I work for an orthopedic surgeon who does a lot of independent medical exams.

In many cases, the ins. companies who are working the case have absolutely no knowledge of what they are doing. Typically, everything is denied at least once around.

Were you union? If so, perhaps you need to talk to your representative. Usually, they will provide a caseworker and work in conjunction with union lawyer, if needed.

If not and you are still getting the run-around, consult with an attorney. It shouldn't cost you anything.