emergency psychiatric evaluation imminent

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by guest3, Oct 15, 2007.

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    Sigh................................. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/tissue.gif
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    No I don't think with our kids there are any easy answers except "NO"...

    I am sorry GFGII is doing poorly. Maybe an evaluation will help him become stable and get him some help???
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    I wish there were some easy answers. I'm sorry difficult child is struggling and that no one called to let you know about his bad day. Any chance the health club has free child care? Ours does and it's been a blessing because difficult child loves playing there.

    Gentle hugs coming your way.
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    Keep us posted--these are such hard times for families.

    Make sure to put your instructions in writing for the after school care team.
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    :9-07tears: unfortunately, you are right. There are no easy answers!

    I totally understand what you mean about having them call you if he has a bad day. When difficult child wanted to do two afterschool programs last year, I told his 1:1 to let me know his mood. Like you, I worry when he starts out in a rough mood because I know it's easy to go downhill from there!

    As Sharon mentioned, I hope your new health club has childcare - that would really help. I hope this was an isolated incident and not an indication of a downhill trend for difficult child.

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    Health club has no child care, but even if I did I think I'd be afraid to send him, because he goes white hot so quickly and anything can happen.

    No call what so ever from the after school people. But difficult child II refused to go to school today. But I called his SW there and she had not heard anything at all. I still have not heard back from his teacher either.

    Sigh............Now difficult child II is raging because I will not let him outside, house rules say if you stay home sick you're in for the day! He never can accept this, and he is kicking the door as I type. The In home therapist gts here in 45 minutes and then he's all her's for an hour and a half. sigh..............

    I did go to the gym briefly today (my Dad was watching difficult child II), it was very discouraging. I walked a mile in 16 mintues, LOL, every time I tried to go faster the machine would tell me that my heart rate was too high and to slow down, LOL, lovely, I fiddled with the weights but hated staring at my fat self in all the mirrors everywhere! So I left and got a salad instead of taco bell (baby steps) :smile: