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    Hello Everyone!

    Sorry that I haven't posted in awhile... Things have been REALLY crazy around here. I am trying to think even where I should begin *** sigh***:sigh: ... In the past 10 days Emily has been hospitalized 5 out of the 10 days. During routine boodwork it was discovered that her potassium was exteremly high (7.1 , when 5.0-5.5 is considered "normal" for her age). She was admitted on April 18 & 19 where they put her on a diaretic, gave her IV fluides and changed the formula that I was supplimenting with. (She is now on Similac PM 60/40) We also were admitted AGAIN on April 22 - 24 with the same issue --- Her treatment was pretty much the same as the previous stay, but they added sodium chloride to her medications. This poor little baby, getting poked like up to 4-5 times per day for bloodwork while we were in the hospital... It has gotten sooo bad that now when I take her for bloodwork she immediately starts to scream when anyone tries to hold her arm down!

    I can't believe that she is already 3 weeks old and has been thru so much in her young life! She is still a REALLY good baby too - She hardly ever cries, loves to snuggle, and sleeps pretty well at night:bigsmile:(which makes mommy extremely happy!)

    Both of the boys seem to have adjusted easily to having a little sister. They both ignore her quiet a bit though... B1 sometimes gets after me when I make her cry (when I give her the sodium chloride she screams because it tastes soo salty) - He tells me to quit being "mean" to the baby... I think he is going to be a GREAT protector of her once she gets older! B2 --- the verdict is still out I believe, most of the time he goes about his normal routine, but he has been trying my patience over the last few days... I am pretty sure he is just seeking out my attention, but it is hard when Emily need to eat and B2 picks these times to demand attention as well. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to better handle these times?

    This is about all the news from here... I will try to post more often so that everyone can know what is up with us.

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    Poor baby! I have been wondering about you. I hope things calm down for you.

    As for big brother, all I can suggest is 1:1 time when emily isn't needing you. Lame, I know.

    At least you are kinda getting sleep!

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    The advice I've seen is that the older kids WILL notice the lack of attention, the baby has no standard of comparison, so try to give as much time as possible to the older ones. On that note, however, I have only one because there's no way I could handle having more! Yes, I agree the 1:1 time with both brothers will need to be found somehow, somewhere.
    I hope they manage to get her properly stable soon so the poor dear doesn't have to be subjected to all that. :(
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    Awww ... so much going on for poor Emily. I hope things even out soon. As far as the boys go try some 1:1 when you can. Like HaoZi said, the baby will have no clue ... Take Care and thanx for the update. Shelly
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    Poor lil Emily. I hope her labs stabilize soon.

    As for the sibs......1:1 time, and b2 is old enough to have it explained to him that lil Emily is so little that you have to do everything for her. Encouraging him to help with the baby, like bringing you supplies ect, can help.....often helps their attachment to the new family member too.

    Thanks for the update. I wondered how you and Emily were doing.

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    Thank you for the update... And I love the picture. She's beautiful.

    Poor kiddo... She doesn't understand, and as for making her cry... Ugh! That would be awful, too. I like the suggestion of getting the boys involved. "Can you bring me Emily's---?" So that way they get attention for helping...
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    Poor little Em! :( I like the idea of enlisting the boys to help... tell them that you & Emily are really counting on them and they're the only ones you'd trust with her at this point (except husband). Please keep us updated!
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    Thank you for the update. Emily sure is a cutey!

    I don't if B2 likes story time or not, but if he does and you are able, read to him while feeding Emily. I watched a friend do this with her children and it was so nice....but she had easy child's.
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    Love the picture! What a cutie!

    Glad she's doing better...thanks for the update.
  10. Star*

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    Well if THIS is the first picture we get to see of our NIECE! I LOVE HER!

    Sorry things are so rough for all of you! She sounds like a warrior baby!

    She is.......going to be your last one right? lol

    Hugs..........thanks for keeping us updated.
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    You might keep a special box of toys for the boys to play with when you are feeding the baby or have to be on the phone. The toys only come out when needed and then get put away at the end. This keeps them "special" and new for the boys.

    If they can be ones where you get to go Oooh and Aaah when the kids build something so you can interact by observing and commenting that is good. Marble towers can be great for this - the kind that they build/configure themselves out of pieces. And I highly recommend kapla blocks and pattern blocks especially if your boys are in to building things and/or very visual. Kapla blocks are a little pricey but my 15 year old still gets ours out to play with every couple of months - and there's not a lot of toys you can say your kids have played with from 5 to 15. One factor to take into account is noise - if it's going to create sudden loud noises then you may want to choose something else so it doesn't startle you or the baby.

    Or is there an older boy or girl in the neighborhood who could be mother's helper for an hour or two in the afternoon that might be good with your kids?

    It's so hard when the babies have to have frequent blood draws. You might ask about whether you can use Emla cream yet to help reduce the pain. I'm not sure how young they can be to use that safely. And even with very young children you can try using distraction to reduce the trauma. One of the best ways is with a strong scent delivered at the same time as the shot. You can use something like peppermint. Juicy fruit gum has a very strong scent and is also supposed to be really good. Obviously she can't chew it but if you are holding her closely for the draws you could try chewing it yourself.

    If you are not already doing so, you may also find that swaddling her very closely so that only the arm or leg that is needed is free may help her feel more secure as well as making it easier to manage her and make the procedure as quick and painless as possible.

    Be sure to take care of yourself emotionally too. A therapist can be very helpful as you work through the feelings you have about your new role as mother to a medically fragile/chronically ill infant.