Enjoying granddaughter's visit


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10 year old granddaughter is visiting for 2 weeks. I have a friend who is active in storytelling and they had a scholarship for their storytelling camp and offered it to granddaughter. It is a great opportunity. If you go to Amazon or YouTube and check out Donna Washington (the storyteller, not the musician) you can get an idea of what it's like. Donna is leading the workshop. Today is the last day; they have a recital this afternoon.
Next week we will visit the zoo and do some other things she's looking forward to before I take her home. Then I will bring the 7 year old grandson for a few days. Granddaughter is a delight but 7 year old is a difficult child himself so we'll see how that goes. Nine year old will come later. I guess my summer is pretty much spoken for. ;)

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I'm glad, muttmeister. Grands are so nice to have around.

Are you two cooking up anything special? Baklava grand was just here. One of the things she wanted was boiled dinner.

I couldn't believe it.



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Last week I kept 5 month old gson during the day. He is a easy baby, eats, sleeps, and plays. This week I have 9 year old gson and 6 year old gdaughter for 10 days. 9 year old is doing sailing camp in the mornings. 6 year old and I went to visit friends yesterday, had out toenails done today (her design). Tomorrow we will do an under the sea program at the library and on Thursday a play for children. They both go to VBS each evening. Then it's back to the lake. Fun, fun, fun! Grands are the best.