eracism - all colors with love and respect


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I like the idea of people who care getting the good message out. Otherwise bigotry is allowed free reign. Thanks P. :warrior:


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I couldn't get all the headings to respond... just read a few comments and ads for bumper stickers. What exactly do they do? In-school talks? TV appearances? Editorials? Fun get-togethers?


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Sorry it took me awhile to get back to your question, Terry. Tink was sick with strep.

This is a fledgling organization, and I only saw meetings listed for New Orleans and Atlanta.

My plan is to contact them to see if there are any meetings in my area. I'd also like to get a bunch more stickers. I already have a multi-cultural summer play group going in my neighborhood, and I'd love nothing better than to extend the purpose just a bit.

Both the pre-school where I work and the elementary school which Skip attends are extremely diverse. We are fortunate to have many opportunities to meet people from all over the world.

But as my friend who gave me the bumper sticker said, "no one who looks as me knows how I feel, and this is one good way to let others know."


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This organization was started by an independent book store owner in NOLA. People meet in various shops and such to talk and have real dialogue. I'm not sure if it is ongoing now after Katrina.

I never needed a bumper sticker because I have a biracial family and my home and car always held kids and adults of different races!