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    This is happening in my neck of the woods, and the "adoptive parents" were on Dr. Phil yesterday. A recap of the story is that Erica Parsons, now 15, was adopted by a couple, and has been missing for two years. Her adoptive brother reported her missing a couple of weeks ago. The couple has been cashing the benefits check the entire time. Their story is "She went with her biological g'ma and if it's not true, we didn't know it wasn't true". Excepting that all of her bio-g'mas have been dead for longer than two years. Yesterday they searched a shed on adoptive g'pa's property and got a bunch of stuff, including teeth, a hammer, and a vacuum cleaner hose.

    What bothers me the most about this story is how long it took anyone to care about this little girl, and I don't mean the two years she's been missing. If it turns out that there was foul play and the other child was so messed up that he didn't mention it for two years, it wasn't a sudden accident. There's been foul play going on in this family all along, period. Why did their neighbors let it go? I tell you, I'm new to this world down here where there are two churches on every block and everyone is supposed to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps because I got mine and it's too bad if you didn't get yours, or people are 'that way because they want free stuff and are lazy'. I'm sick of it. Any one of her neighbors or family who has the gall to go to a vigil or rally is sick, and I'd rather spit on them than look at them. How dare they pretend that they care now all the while they are demanding that working families on foodstamps have to pee in a cup because they're lazy, and cutting education, healthcare, and job training to fund the new law banning income taxes on Corporations.

    FWIW, adoptive dad didn't pass some sort of polygraph on Dr. Phil. He and his wife are due in court today.
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    It's heartbreaking.
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    That is just heartbreaking.
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    I talked about this on here the first day the couple went on Dr Phil. I know how close she is to me too. Not very far. We have been getting child abducted banners on our TV for weeks now but they never gave any type of info about the child.

    Someone yesterday on the news said that what the couple did about them collecting the money would be a civil matter and not a criminal one....well I beg to differ. I cant tell you how many people we charged criminally for fraud. The actual money ended up being civil because many times we had judgments placed on the parent who committed the fraud. Or sometimes we worked out a repayment plan and they did it.

    I can understand the school not noticing because they homeschooled all the kids. I am a bit confused why it took the boy so long to come forward but if he was still living with them for anytime after age 18 then I do understand. Also I hope they arent simply relying on the fact that social workers said everything was fine in the house when they did their couple of checks because I know of a ton of workers who simply dont do their jobs.
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    More intrigue this morning on the news of this story, but very vague. Some woman in Michigan had paid the adoptive mother to be a surrogate for her. They were doing this long distance, and about 8 weeks (I think? It could have been 4) the adoptive mom called and told her that she had miscarried. Eventually it was found that she had tried to sell the baby to someone else, but the lady in MI ended up getting the baby at birth in any case.

    I am not kidding when I tell you that this is what they said this morning, nothing more, nothing less. I guess it was on Nancy Grace last night.
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    I heard that part on Dr Phil. I think this couple is playing with one fry short of a happy meal. Maybe all their fries.

    People on JVN last night were talking about why they would actually choose to go on Dr Phil when it seemed like Rowan Cnty had seemed to believe them and do nothing. Well I dont think thats true, I just dont think anyone told them before the oldest son did. I do think they went on that show because they thought by being on national TV it would show that they were telling the truth and had nothing to hide. I dont think it worked because while Dr Phil was polite, you could tell he didnt believe a word they had to say. And its also brought the spotlight on them from all over the world. They didnt realize that Dr Phil's staff had the ability to do a search for every woman with the name that is supposedly Nan's real name and they contacted every single one of them.