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    So I'm sick of having days off ruined by having to deal with-the messes my difficult child leaves behind. My wonderful Sat. has been spent cleaning up the house from the mess she left when she moved her stuff out. I've been hauling out trash and putting things back where I moved them from to make room for her when she and the baby moved in. It's not done yet and I still have to deal with the crappy furniture she didn't want any longer and left behind. Then I had to sit down and respond to the email from the CPS lady who was kind enough to respond the very next day after I emailed her. It was horrible trying to explain the situation to her in nutshell- WTF? It's all too depressing.

    I did take the dogs on two long runs today and I always let myself have a treat on the weekends because I have a terrible sweet tooth and I didn't lose my weight eating suger all the time, so I bought myself a small birthday cake at the store. Is it my birthday? No, but damn I wanted that cake, so I bought it! I think I might have cake for dinner. I'm so over this:crying:
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    Oooooo cake sounds good. Reminds me of Stephanie Plum novels, too. :D
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    And I did find 86 cents and about 400 hangers in the leftover stuff, so it wasn't a total loss!
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    Hangers! Now you can waste some on roasting marshmallows, too. They go well with cake and hot chocolate.
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    Best dinner idea ever!
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    Can I come over for dinner?? I like cake. Cake is good.

    Hopefully you won't have to clean her messes out of your house again. That is some consolation, I hope.

    As for getting rid of stuff she left that you don't want, there is an easy way if it is useable.

    Are you aware of freecycle? It is a group online that people use to give things away. You can post if you want or need something and if you have something to give away. I often post that I have X to give away and then give poeple directions to pick it up from my porch. If someone doesn't come when promised, I go to the enxt person on the list. You can also meet people to give them things, but with big items like furniture it is easy to have them pick it up. I have gotten and given big and little stuff - from clothes to tables and recliners.

    Things do not have to be perfect to give away.

    You can also contact Habitat for Humanity if you have furniture. They have ReStores in many communities that sell furniture and building supplies that are salvaged, used or donated. Often they have peopel who will pick up for you if you cannot deliver big things. If you don't want to be there or come to the door when they come, put things on the porch, label them and let them pick them up.

    I hope you can take some satisfaction in a clean house wehn you are done and can start to recover from all the stress and trauma from life with your difficult child for all of those years.

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    Some Goodwills also do pick-up.
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    Thanks for the good ideas guys. I did not think of Freecycle and there are a couple of pretty good pieces of furniture that I just don't want. Yes, this is the last time I will have to clean up after her. I let her move in twice and both times got royally screwed in the process, so that was it. But I AM happy to get my house back to how I like it and the cake was AWESOME!!!!
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    Was it red velvet or chocolate? Those are the best.
  10. elizabrary

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    Chocolate of course, with white icing, and it was decorated with nice blue and yellow birthday balloons!

    Day 2 is pretty exciting- I found 12 more cents and some sheets and towels I had been missing. I also salvaged an old dresser and vacuumed the spare room, which I don't think my dear daughter did the entire time she was here!
  11. elizabrary

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    Also I forgot to mention that while all of this cleaning was going on I have been dealing with-the dog Kat abandoned. Of course she's a pitbull who has never been trained or worked with in any way, nor was she spayed. Kat and BD were going to breed her and sell the puppies- what a great idea. So once Kat disappeared I emailed her that the dog was mine and she could never have her back. I took Princess to the vet, got her shots updated and got her spayed- all in my name so I am now considered the dog's "owner." She got a bladder infection right after the spay, which isn't uncommon, and was started on antibiotics. I discovered yesterday she's having a bad reaction to the antibiotics and is now limping around because they are causing joint pain. So I have to take her off the antibiotics, watch for the bladder infection to see if comes back and if it does put her on a different antibiotic. But she will continue to limp around until this stuff is all out of her system- probably a week. Seriously- even the poor dog pays for Kat's irresponsibility!
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    You've almost got enough change for that bag of marshmallows. Poor Princess, at least she has a better owner now!
  13. Hound dog

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    That cake sounds wonderful.............and I'm wondering why I never thought of having birthday cake for supper. lmao

    Always nice to find money and stuff that you've been missing. Sounds like you're making progress.

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    I think the birthday cake was a great idea. You may be onto something. I think from now on when I'm really frustrated I'll go out and by myself a cake and celebrate! Celebrations are always exciting and fun, so maybe it can turn any bad day into a good one.

    Hope I don't have too many days that I need a cake though. I do have to get into a bathing suit for a cruise in a few weeks!!
  15. 1905

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    I hope you had that darn cake for dinnner and enjoyed every single bite. Cake will cure all that ails you. I think this is going to be my new mantra.
  16. elizabrary

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    I did eat that cake for dinner and enjoyed every bite!!! It's a dumb little thing, but it helped make a bad weekend a little better.
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    I have two dogs due to my daughter. They really help with my empty nest stuff. The last two times I insisted she get rid of the dogs. Three dogs and two cat is enough. She has to do community service at the Humane Society. She is actually wondorful with animals, just can't really do the day to day that well with dogs. She cares for two cats. I found out yeaterday that the student apt. for the program in the fall will not allow animals.