Explosive Child book or should I say Implosive Child book?

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    Ok so I have been hearing everyone recommend the explosive child and I think to my self my difficult child isn't real explosive so it wouldn't help me out. I am at my whits end and decide to get it through Amazon (I do a lot of shopping through Amazon) and read it just because.

    Guess what I found out it does relate to my difficult child because when she isn't angry (not super explosive but vocal) she is Implosive - low and behold it is the same concept.
    I told her therapist I watch her shut down during certain events and I describe it as going vacant. Now I am excited to read the book because it is all relevant.
    I am posting to let people here know not to let the name of the book fool you!
    I know what I will be doing all weekend reading this book.

    I just wish it were that easy to solve my growing list of problems! Dumb ex husband, dumb Neuro testing rules, dumb lawyers, dumb people that can't see the truth that my difficult child needs help.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that her new psychiatrist isn't one of the "dumb" ones, we go on Tuesday and I am hoping he is going to be able to help figure out the ADD issue. The is there or isn't there an ADD issue that is the question!
    Wow if ex wasn't so idiotic (better word than dumb) and so self centered he would see testing is something much needed and in difficult child's best interest. Guess you need to be loving and involved to worry about those things.
    If there is away to get around the issue I will certainly find it!
    Sorry this turned into a rant didn't really mean to do that. Have a great weekend!
    Hugs to all.
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    Always remember that 50% of ALL professionals (thats doctors, lawyers, school personnel, counselors, psychiatrists etc etc etc) graduated in the bottom half of their class....and still get to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, counselor, psychiatrist etc. etc. etc.

    Hang in there...you'll find the right people soon!!

  3. totoro

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    You know my little one N is not explosive at all. She has really bad sensory issues and anxiety.
    We still use these approaches when appropriate for her. If her anxiety is getting the best of her and crippling her, I will *basket C* something. If her sensory issues are causing her to FREAK OUT! I will Basket C it. Like a movie or going somewhere public, or an event. It is just too much stimulation for her and too overwhelming.
    So the Baskets work in many situations, not just for explosions.
    Glad you found this out and you can use the book.
    Actually the book works better for my non-explosive child.
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    Robin, you make a really good point. Thanks for emphasising it, even for us old hands, we often need to re-visit this sort of thing.

    And totoro, I've just been re-reading the 3rd edition and finding a lot of new stuff they goes way beyond the baskets. It doens't even mention baskets, although (like you, I suspect) I rely on that concept a great deal. But I'm really getting even more out of it than I ever thought I could. I suggest you try to find the later edition at the library and see what you can find in it.

    I also like it because it's larger print, and with all the mucking around I'm getting with my glasses and contact lenses right now, I really find it helpful - easy to actually read! (I'm getting old...)

  5. totoro

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    Marg~ It is funny I do have both, and I have it stuck in my old timers brain the concept of the Baskets. Old habits I guess.
    I honestly do find his concepts to fit better with N who is more likely very Spectrumish and does not rage nor Explode.
    We just have to walk carefully due to her very sensitive nature.
    i am glad you pointed this out though.

    I even forgot that the book had changed a lot from the old edition.
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    Hi Robin,
    yes, great point.
    They do make a point in there of saying that some kids cry, which makes people feel sorry for them, so they not only get away with-more, they lose out on a diagnosis for a long time because it doesn't seem as imperative.
    I'm glad you are finding the book useful.
    Keep up the good work!
  7. Numina

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    Same here. difficult child is implosive when he gets frustrated.

    And I'm embarrassed to be seen reading it with that title in big red letters.

    At the end it says ALL children could benefit from CPS. Amen.
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    Dr Ross Greene is quoted as saying thaty he could have called his book the implosive child - explosive /implosive are symptons of lacking skills usually in the areas of flexibility, frustration tolerance and adaptability.

  9. compassion

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    Exactly: It is all related to anger either inward or outward. Isee this majorlly with my difficult child daughter. We worked with therapist last week with the boredom fruatarion triggers that are huge for her. I do think there is progress. It is just very slowand fruatrating. Allan, that is so ture about dealing with the fruatatin. I have nown this about her for years. I considered her extreme spirted child and worked with triggers like transitons, etc. I still see this but at 15 and basically refusing my moral atuthroty or anyone's it is very challenaigng and scary. I did communciate iwht her tongiht conering that she cannot have any burahes with law enforecment due to delayed proscetuion but she lives so in the moment and is so imulsive and she ewill rage for hours and tonight it ws like what is the point. I do knwo that when she takes her medications and isnot abusing subastances she is 800 times more stable but I cannot force her to do this. Compassion
  10. compassion

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    Absolutely, there are low skills in adaptability and flexibilty. That is why structre works the best but fights it. Compassion