Failure as a Parent


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My 19 year old son is flunking out of community college. He smokes pot and parties and has no real direction in life. He is the youngest of our three sons. Not one of the them has accomplished even an Associates Degree. I understand that college isn’t for everyone, and I would fully support him in a trade or technical school. But he just don’t seem to have the drive to do anything. My husband and I are hard working middle class people who have tried to give our kids a good life and college opportunity. With the third one flunking out, I’m really feeling like a failure as a parent. At this point I’ll be telling the youngest to get a full time job and start paying rent or move out.


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You are not a failure as a parent and there is nothing to say that they might not wise up and finish school later or be successful at something that does not require school. My great niece dropped out of college and worked for awhile then went to police academy her brother works in construction like his dad. The pot and drinking may be an issue and you might suggest rehab or aa . you might want to post on substance abuse for more replies. welcome and good luck I am sure others will be along.


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Getting a job on a cruise ship allows a person to travel the world for free. The cruise line pays for your living quarters, which would allow him to basically live for free and have fun doing it.


I don't understand what happened with our kids.
Maybe they need a massive shack up.

Start living your life.
I feel your pain.