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    and I loved the therapist! LOL AFter hearing from difficult child, myself and husband, he quickly figured out that family therapy wasn't going to do squat since difficult child is the one with all of the issues and told us so. (In a professional manner....hee hee hee)

    I tell you people, it was a miracle this evening! I visited with difficult child before husband got there and before therapy and after TWO whole days back on his medications...he's a new person! He told me that he's feeling MUCH better, he was acting stupid, we were right all along, he's going to come home, get a job, do better in school so he can graduate......anyone else's teeth hurt from all the sugary goo floating around?

    I flat out told him I didn't buy it because I've heard the same thing many times before.

    I had to chuckle to myself though during therapy. Every time he's describing to the therapist about things he DOES.....I was struck by how he worded it so that it was in the past. I ate things I wasn't supposed to, I destroyed their things, I didn't follow the rules, I was being stupid, I used to steal, etc. Technically, it IS all in the 3 days ago. But...from the way he talked, he's seen the light, been cleansed in the river, and has worked soooooo hard and doesn't do any of that any more! ('s been 3 whole days)

    I also thought it was so funny....turned out, the therapist is all but completely blind and told us so. difficult child though....still had that wide eyed, earnest, "Honest! I'm telling the truth" look on his face as he looked the guy in the eyes. it kiddo. It isn't going to work. LOL

    No word yet on a possible release date and STILL haven't talked to the case worker. Grrrrrr. But, difficult child said he did meet with his psychiatrist today (his normal one) and she basically reamed him. Apparently she shocked him too by using the butt word and poop word. He said he didn't think she was allowed to use those words! (And we all know how sensitive our difficult child's ears are!LOL) Personally, I thought it was got his attention and I think that was her goal. Plus, I would have loved to have heard that conversation!
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    I'm glad the appointment went well and the therapist has difficult child's number. Hopefully he will get with program and show some sustained improvement.
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    What? another person who doesn't believe difficult child's sob story about how he has miraculously seen the light in 2 - 3 days? Mom, I don't understand why no one believes me. My words are golden! They will make it all o.k.
    If everyone will just change, it will be alright. Me? I have to be the one to change? No way!