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HELP! I've had some weird things happen on FB and just had a very weird thing happen.

About ten days ago, I reposted something about a missing girl in my area. I rarely do such a thing. I didn't know this girl or her family. I typed in "I am keeping this up for a few hours in case someone recognizes this missing young woman." Several hours later, I tried to delete it. But, on my screen from FB flashed a msg. that said something like "FB is having difficulties at this time and can not delete this msg. Please try again in a few hours." So, in a few hours, I tried again. Then, the next day, then the following day. Still, could not delete this post. Out of curiosity, I deleted an old post from a few weeks prior and it deleted immediately. I used the same technique...no problem. AFter several days, I used the delete from my wall feature and it said something like "This post is deleted from your wall, but might appear in other places on FB."

The other day I was being silly and re posted something goofy...not like my usual posts. It was baked bread that looked phallic. A moment later, I decided I didn't want this on my wall. I went to delete it and OMG...the same thing happened. I could NOT delete it. Tried many times over hours. I ended up using that same feature which seems to erase it from your wall, but is somehow still there somewhere.

Ok, today was the worst and is even more embarrassing AND concerning. I allowed myself to get involved with a dumb political conversation. And, ironically, I'm basically and Independent and don't have strong feelings to argue. BUT, I am tired of all the negativity and I basically said just that. I said something that someone said not necessarily an accurate fact. I'm not sure, I may have misspoke.

The next thing I know, the entire thread seem to disappear. The next thing I know, I can't get on that woman's fB at all. I don't think she was upset with me...I could be wrong, but my gut says "no." I have emailed her to ask her if she unfriended me. It's a very old email, so if she doesn't write back, it doesn't necessarily mean much.
NOT that I am mad, I am MORE concerned about FB and some oddness that has been happening.

I can NOT go to this woman's page, the woman where the thread appeared, but it gives me a weird message like an unbroken thread.

Honestly, I was NOT hotheaded, did not use bad language, was NOt inappropriate, but the one thing that I "THINK" could of happened is I said something that may not have been entirely accurate politically and I was corrected and was fine with that.

My main object in the entire thread was that I wish people would not argue over silliness, that we have enough on our plates right now and I'm just sick of it.

Then BOOM.....the thread was gone and I can't get on this woman's page. She did NOT seem upset and in fact had just asked me a question in the thread. Again, my gut is telling me she did NOT unfriend me.

Thoughts? I am reducing my time on FB.. BAD VIBES.

What would cause the problems deleting posts on my wall and this weird thing that just happened? Thank you.
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OMG....this woman wrote me back.
I'm cracking up.
I think she is crazy.
She did unfriend me. AND several others she said.
She said that someone she knows died (a child/very sad) and that she is tired of all this craziness on FB.
OMG! That was the VERY VERY VERY thing I had posted about. She and others on the thread where hysterical over some silliness (believe me the topic was silly and I said so). AND I was saying that very thing...how can people be hysterical over these little silly things/topics when there are other things going on in the world that are truly disturbing. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


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I just went on FB for two seconds just now and NPR LIVE is doing an interview about how there is an unusual amount of people signing off FB at the moment. How timely. I definitely will be drastically cutting back. Totally agree about the DRAMA. Thank you for the laugh Pasajes4. Holy cow...I absolutely do NOT NOT NOT need welcome or want drama. NOPE.


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Two of my kids only do FB and both barely use it. Lots of times work will check your FB posts. Or potential employers. in my opinion it's best not to share much if you are on FB. And only let very close people in. Hide the page from everyone except friends.


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FB servers have had some huge issues lately, so that's probably the issue - if it posted in a certain way or whatever. Annoying, but it IS a computer system.

I am FB friends with my immediate supervisor - and other work friends. I am who I am, and since I'm not someone who parties a lot or gets into nasty fights online, I'm fine with that. It's not important enough to me, to really take it too seriously. I love sharing cat videos. And smart-aleck cartoons.

But... at the end of the day... It's not real life.