feel more at peace after today's meeting



Today was the continuation of the meeting on Friday, where it was nothing but a big argument. Then Principal told me they don't do FBA or multidisciplinary testing..only every three years. When I asked on Friday about the SD behavior specialist being contacted if they cannot come up with anything to help. Principal blasted me saying his case worker IS the Speceal ed specialist, she DOES work for the School district, nobody else would be involved...
Today I had an appointment, then when I arrived husband was there. VP and person from SD was not in today's meeting. However, principal was. I again asked to see his referrals, no response. I again asked for the tests. Principal again said every three years. I said "Minumum three years" This is a different school, different setting and I want the tests. They agreed. I mentioned the behavior specialist, this time with the name. This same person from SD was involved in a meeting at the elementary school and was very good with advice. The Principal said nothing. I had a form which I had filled out (three pages) of suggestions that may work with difficult child. Positive enforcements. All asked me for a copy. I also said I want to know (from the FBA) and always, what environment difficult child is in when he does have a meltdown, what happens before, was he provoked, misunderstanding etc. They all agreed. I felt meeting went well. did not address IEP, as they are going to arrange testing. I did not write a formal letter. Hoping they just keep their word. I am a bit concerned about the time of year. Since it is near the end of 3rd quarter and probably wouldn't get tests or results until early 4th quarter (if they do as promised). I wonder if it would just be best to wait until next year?? I am not going to mention it, if all testing goes, and results are in, and IEP is developed, hopefully will be set for next year.
question now I have is viewing his records, referrals. If I disagree with what I see can I ask a change be added? I will need to contact them again regarding that since each time I asked about viewing his records, they just blew me off. Can I make copies of his records?


<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I did not write a formal letter. Hoping they just keep their word. </div></div>

The decision of whether to write the letter is yours, but I have to ask why you would trust them to keep their word when they haven't taken appropriate steps themselves to reevaluate your son even though the need is clearly evident, they refuse to give you documents that you are entitled to by law, continue to give you misinformation, and threaten you, etc.?

Don't be surprised if they end up not doing the reevaluation, or if they do, it consists of a lot of "observations," "screens," and "opinions" instead of a real evaluation via normed test instruments and formal measures.

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I wonder if it would just be best to wait until next year?? </div></div>

in my opinion, no. The testing will take time. If you wait, then school will be out for the summer. Starting the testing in Aug/Sept will result in a report not being completed until around Thanksgiving. Better to get it done now -- hopefully before school is out for the year.

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">If I disagree with what I see can I ask a change be added? I will need to contact them again regarding that since each time I asked about viewing his records, they just blew me off. Can I make copies of his records? </div></div>

See http://www.fetaweb.com/04/ferpa.summary.htm .

Glad this meeting went better than the last one.


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Kjs, shooting off the hip here.

Yes, you have the right to view both permanent and temporary files. In my experience, referrals are kept in temporary file. In my SD anyway, permament files with- all the testing and grades are kept in one location and temp is kept in another (usually school). Send a request via certified letter (this is *so* important) requesting an appointment to view both sets of files and I'd specify that you want to see referrals. You can request copies of records but SD can charge you (in IL they can charge 35 cents a page). If there is something in the file you disagree with-, you can send a letter (certified) to address that and in the letter you must request that this letter be added to difficult child's permanent file.

I would strongly recommend you send a *certified* letter of understanding of yesterday's meeting - that they are doing evaluations and FBA, that they will be providing you the requested information re: meltdowns, they got copy of your suggestions, etc. I hate to be cynical, but "hoping" they keep their word is really really not a good idea. Get it in writing, sent certified, so that if they come back in x days and say they don't have it done, you have documentation that they agreed (unless they respond to your letter) and they are not complying with- state and federal law re: timelines.

The principal obviously doesn't understand sped law. Those "three-year" evaluations must be done every 3 years *or* at any time at the request of parents or school staff. I would strongly recommend hooking up with- a parent advocacy group. I'd also see if you can get info on parent advocates in your area.


Where and who do I send the certified letter to regarding the tests? Nobody from the SD was present yesterday. Where and who do I send the the certified letter to regarding his records? I do not know where they are kept. I assumed they were at the school.


SEnd both letters CERTIFIED to the Director of Special Education.

You should listen to the advice of these good people. IF you do not request in writing by CERTIFIED MAIL, I predict the SD will NOT evaluate. They are not as dumb as they are pretending to be in my opinion. In the "memo of understanding, you can turn it into a formal request by your reiteration of what was stated at the meeting. SEND IT CERTIFIED, and by doing this, the 60 calendar day time-line starts. Mention this in the memo--it is good that they know you know the law.

In IL, if a family says that photocopying is a financial burden, the SD may not charge. As far as I know, the SD has no way of investigating whether or not there is a burden. I always used to say it was a burden because I pay confiscatory property taxes--so any additional expense is a burden. I was never refused because they have no mechanism to evaluate the validity of the claim.