feeling like Madame Blueberry!

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  1. amazeofgrace

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    translation for all non veggie tale fans = I have too much STUFF!!!

    And my Mom has WAY TOO MUCH STUFF, they literally have not parted with anything ever! We have cook books in this house from 1950! I found tooth paste with an exp date of 1995! Forget cavity protection, we probably have the cure for aides in a tube!

    I just feel this incredible urge to purge all excess stuff, I know I do not actually have that much, but, becoming a simpleton is strangely appealing.

    I am sure the next time I go to Lancaster this rant will be forgotten, but when/if I ever get my own place, I am shooting for the less is more decorating technique, no more chachkeys!
  2. Lothlorien

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    Love, love, love Veggie Tales. Madame Blueberry is one of my favs.

    I always tell my kids.....a happy heart is a thankful heart.
  3. Marcie Mac

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    As I have gotten older, I am really getting into a bare is better kinda style. I realize I don't function well with a lot of stuff, but that doesn't stop me from thinking hmmmm "I may need this some day" sigh.. I managed to get 5 6 foot high bookcases down to three, one of the three left has a lot of kids books - hello, my youngest will be 25 LOL They are going on Craigs List. I just love books and its painful but really when am I going to read the great novels of Anatole of France again..

    Two weeks ago I hit the linen closet - and I have two LARGE bags full for good will - most of them for twin or full beds, and I haven't owned those for, mmmm. 18 years?? I kept some of my clothes, but its been years since I have fit in my size 8 power suits :) I kept one size either end of my current size. Two more bags there.

    But it seems the more I clean out, the more SO fills the space up. But I am so not thowing away my baby dolls from when I was...mmmm. 5 years old LOL

    I had a good laugh the other day - we were cleaning out my office for the move - and I had 34 coffee cups that I have accumulated over the years. I hate just to trash them, but am so not bringing them home - they will end up in difficult child's room cause he is too lazy to wash one when he uses it - he just grabs a clean one.

    Now if I could only do something with the Yoda stuff - there is maybe 1,200 Yodas, and thats whats on display, he has like 8 big boxes more of them - and a ton of Star War supermarket displays in his storage. I wish they would stop making the darn things - hes been collecting this stuff for about 12 years.

  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Marcie, you could probably send someone through college by auctioning that Yoda stuff on eBay!

    Amaze, I have the packrat problem here, too. husband NEVER gets rid of ANYTHING. Ne-ver. I tend to hang onto things, but then eventually I get the urge to purge and I throw stuff away or give it away. When I had more time on my hands I sold stuff on eBay, and maybe some day when everybody's physically healthy and mentally stable I'll be able to do that again :)
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  5. Abbey

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    Is your mom named Sandy? Maybe it's my mother in law.

    sister in law comes over yesterday. She wispers to me, "Make sure you check the date on anything you eat there, like soda."

    There is not one square in that house that doesn't have something on it. Me? If I don't use it in a very short time...it's tossed.

  6. KTMom91

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    When I bought this house 12 years ago, I did a major purge, because the apartment was 1200 square feet, and the house was 800. I was keeping the mess under control...until 8 years ago, when I got married. Hubby collects nearly everything. He also holds on to nearly everything. We have two metal sheds and a garage full of his crapola. For example, last night he bought FOUR TV Guides. We don't use TV Guide. So why did he buy them? There were FOUR different covers, and they might be worth something someday.

    Drives me crazy. If I felt better, the crapola wouldn't be as invasive as it is, but I just can't deal right now.
  7. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    My husband is a packrat, too, tho he IS getting better.

    He gets it honest. His parents house is AMAZINGly stuffed full of sh...I mean, treasures. Can't wait to inherit a 3 bedroom house that you can't walk into any room of, and a 40x70 garage that you can't squeeze a 4-wheeler into....SO much fun to be had.

    His mom called him the other night wanting to know if he took the element to their water heater!!! I am so not kidding. WHY would husband take the element to their water heater??? Anyway, I digress. She wouldn't accept his "no I did not" amd he finally got onto her and told her it was probably in that shop, and if there wasn't 22 tons of sh*t in there, she might be able to find it.

    Its a start.
  8. trinityroyal

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    AOG, I can SO relate to this.

    Right now, as we speak, we are having the mother of all Yard Sales at the Trinity house.

    When husband and I got together, we had his houseful of stuff, my houseful of stuff, and the equivalent of a 3rd houseful of stuff left behind by his evil ex-W and my evil ex-H. Right now, it's all out in the driveway. This is day-2 of the yard sale. Whatever is left over at the end of today is being loaded in the truck and driven down to the Goodwill, never to darken my door again.

    For the first time in years, I can stand in the middle of my garage, see all of the walls AND see the floor. I can walk from the front of the garage to the back without climbing over or crawling under anything.

    It feels great, like a HUGE weight off my shoulders.

    I think your move toward simplicity is the right one.

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