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hello! I just stumbled across this site in hopes to find comfort or anyone else in a similar situation with advice.

My son is 5 years old, almost 6. He has always been active, happy, smart, alert, and fun to be around. He attended daycare for years with no major issues. He was one of the rougher boys in his class, but the teachers always confirmed it was typical and the other boys in the class acted the same and we had nothing to worry about. We always have issues in settings like parties where he acts almost as if he gets over stimulated & acts out. Purposely jumps on others etc in a ball put, pushes others in a jumping castle. No reason behind it, almost like he gets too excited.

Kindergarten started two months ago, my son was very excited to go but two days into school his teacher called us to let us know they noticed he was aggressive towards other kids during recess. This has continued for two months now and we are being updated daily that he is very impulsive and will push, hit, slap, others if he becomes frustrated. He is very competitive & will cheat in games in order to win. If he loses, he will throw things & have a tantrum. Currently, he sits alone & during story time has his own chair to sit at to prevent him from acting out towards other kids. He is very obsessive with his age, and wants to be the oldest, tallest, biggest etc.

His teacher is being very supportive and at first suggested this was just adjustment period. But, now we are into month #2. He also is not listening well and being rude sometimes to the teachers who being him in from recess for being hands on.

Since school started we have also noticed he is acting on impulse at home too. He has slapped me, kicked, punched towards me if he is angry or being disaplined. He tells us he cannot control it and he is just bad, this breaks my heart. Tonight as an example, I was doing up his jacket and at his level and because I told him he couldn't chase the dog around the yard & make him bark he slapped me across the face.

We took him to his Pediatrician who suggested we fill out a questionnaire for ADHD as well as his teacher. She didn't think he has it but said this would be step one. I saw his teachers replies, and it does look like he has it but mostly only on the impulse level. The dr has not contacted us back yet but she will this week to let us know her suggestion on if we should see a child phycologist or occupational therapist.

It's starting to get so bad that our weekend family time is being ruined by bad behaviour, impulse etc..

Does this sound like ADHD? Or anything else?


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Since the slapping started when he started school, there may be other children he is learning this from. They like to copy each other's behavior.


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Teachers are educators, poor diagnostitions. You need to find in my opinion a neuro psychogist (a special psychologist with extra training in the brain). THEY DO HOURS OF TESTING in every area AND WE FILL OUT FORMS AND THEY GET SCHOOL opinions too. Very thorough. Changed my sons life.

Your daughter could have stand slone ADHD (it seems like more), high functioning autism or something else. Neuro psycholigists are so thorough they often find the crscks that others miss. in my opinion this does not appear to be a problem related to his life. Like so many of our EVIRONMENT, she seems differrntly wired, which can be helped with the right diagnoses and tratment.

Please get her a neurolopsych evaluation. She can have a good life.

Hugs and love. Have been there myself.


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welcome feelinglost

nobody here can or should diagnose your son. we don't have the expertise and we don't know him or all of the factors.

since this seems to have been triggered by the school environment i would ask for an iep. he may need extra supports, a smaller class setting, etc.

my son had a hard time in a school setting but no problem at home. in part it was anxiety and adhd was diagnosed. he was also bullied when we were living in a town where we were a racial minority.

i would get a neuropsychological exam. a children's hospital will have a child development clinic. if you get a referral from the pediatrician it should be covered by insurance. the evaluation will help you get special education services through an iep. (if you are in usa.)

there may be yet to be diagnosed issues that are affected by the demands of school. like hearing, for example. this behavior may be secondary to something else. he may be overwhelmed by something which he is unable to communicate and which he does not understand.

for right now i would try not to worry and to reassure him. i know how hard this is. i hope you keep posting. it helps.
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