Feeling thankful.

I have posted before about my son's depression and how he thinks marijuana helps it. His reason might be true sometimes but I think he just wants to smoke it, especially since he told my husband he hadn't had depression for a while. However, yesterday when I told him I had read three different places in a book that it causes the depression and two of them were quoting studies, (we have talked about this before) and told him it was a temporary mood elevator. He actually agreed and said it is a mood elevator and only temporary but still says it doesn't cause the depression. This may seem like something small, but to me it is huge because he finally admitted something that is against his previous statements of marijuana being "so wonderful".


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MJ is... a mixed-use substance. It's not nearly as dangerous as many other drugs, and does have some medical application (not for depression... typically, it's been found to work for nerve damage including MS, and for making cancer treatments more tolerable).

But it's effects ARE temporary. It's a means to cope. And when there are better tools out there, why use this one?
I have told him it's probably true some people can use it and not have problems but I told him he is the only I am concerned about because I see what it has done to him. He has huge problems in his life, lost an awesome full-ride scholarship with leftover cash, has not worked in 3 months, led to other more dangerous drugs (which I think he is not using presently -can never be 100% certain), etc., etc. So for him to admit this, is wonderful to me.


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I agree it's good that he is doing some self reflecting. My difficult child couldn't see the negative effects of pot until she was completely away from it and saw her life change for the better.