feels like that relationship is over


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Well, my sons on his way to 2nd time prison. The first time, i did alot while he was in, visits every other wknd, phone calls every week, kept his daughter in his life, money, gift packs etc. And then we let him come home when he got out. Only to throw it all away again. I feel like he is a stranger, i dont feel like doing all those things again this time. Somedays i feel nothing except that he was my son but now hes grown and i dont like him


It's ok not to like him. He's your son but a man who made wrong choices and isn't ready to change.

I'm sorry for your pain, you can do or not do...it's your choice just like he made choices to get him back in.

Hugs to you...


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

Sorry to hear that he is going back to prison but maybe he needs this to happen to realize how his bad decisions are impacting his life.

You should take care of you and do what you need to do to help you deal with this. Individual or group therapy can help and also posting here. You know you are not alone. Lots and lots of us are dealing with bad stuff and millions more in the world that haven't found this site! My husband always says that "misery loves company" but I think it's more that we need to not feel so alone and and shunned.

It's okay not to like your son. I love my son but have not liked his behaviors much in the past and am trying to deal with all the emotions that that statement carries with it.

As far as what YOU do to support him while he's in prison, that's up to you but when my son does things I do not like/approve of I pull WAY back. I want him to NOT feel me close. I don't like it and I won't condone it or pretend it doesn't exist.