Feingold diet

Hi! Where do I find info in feingold diet?
I read about this diet sometimes in this site and I interested in know more. I'm interested to in information about B6 Suplements. Thank you, Nancy!!!!!!

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You can subscribe by visiting:

The information on their web site isn't that extensive, as far as specific information, but it's really because it's best to just join!! (Truly, they do the research directly with the food manufacturers to determine all ingredients -- even those not necessary to list according to the usgov't. I've found it immensely helpful.

The B6 dogchopper would prolly know more about, I know natural is usually absorbed better, but my son and I aren't great vitamin takers!!!

Hope this helps.

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Well, you can buy a book on the feingold diet that may help you learn more. Or even check it out at the library to see if your interested.
As for b6. Well I just give my girl plain old b6. Not in a multi vitamin. They dont have much in those, I give her 250mgs and most supplements only have maybe 25mg. The algae has 11mcg and thats not enough for a kid that is lacking. So I just give her an extra one. They have liquid B vitmains but even they dont have the mega dose you need if your kid is lacking. So.. It's easier just to buy it individually.
I also give her extra zinc too, but not that much, she gets 25 mg more than what is in the Algae. And they also have that in Liquid.

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There is a lot of good info on the Feingold Association website. You can ask questions via email within the site and you can request a sample issue of the newsletter.

A book was mentioned, but if it is WHY YOUR CHILD IS HYPERACTIVE
/, by Dr. Feingold, be aware that it was published in 1974 and while it is an interesting book, you will need more up to date info to use the diet. Jane Hersey's book is informative and can be ordered within the website if your library does not have it. The name of it is WHY WON'T MY CHILD BEHAVE? She is working on a new book.

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