Feline Leukemia


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This is just so sad.

I have 2 cats and a dog. My son found a kitten back in Aug. last year and he was coveered in fleas. We cleaned him up real good and of course difficult child wanted to keep him. So, about a month later difficult child was diagnosis'd with mono. His glands in neck swelled up but by Jan. he was doing better, went back to school (he was on homebound) well 4 days later he got sick again, neck swelled up terribly. Well antibiotics weren't working, psychiatrist not sure, sent us to hospital they did blook work and here he had Cat Scratch Fever, and on top of that he had to get surger on his neck because he had several huge abcesses and they had to be drained, he had to be put on IV antibiotics, and morphine because he was in so much pain.

Fast forward. I finally was able to come up with cash to get this cat fixed and shots. My female cat (who is fixed) didn't like him to much they were fighting (actually she was beating him up) so I figure it's most likely due to the fact that he is bothering her, etc.

So we take him to the vets and they did blood work and we found out now he tested positive for feline leukemia. I'm so heartbroken. He has a huge abcess on his face most likely from my female cat and vet said he most likely has to be put down. So many people kept telling me to get rid of him after my son got so so sick and I just couldn't do it. Cats develop immunity to cat scratch after a while and I figured he would be fine, it's not his fault that he had a bacteria infection.

Now I have to worry about my other two cats. They go in an out and trying to keep them in is so hard, I have kids coming in and out and they sneak out they wait at the door hiding and as soon as they get a chance, voom out they go.

Anyone ever have any cat with this??? How much do I worry about my other two cats, first guy I had for about 12 years, female about 4 years. I'm so scared about this, and I feel like it's all my fault for keeping it even after he got my son sick. Try to be nice and help a homeless animal and boom! I missed 4 days of work due to him being in the hospital. difficult child was sick for 5 months due to the mono and the cat scratch. The dr's said if he didn't have the mono his body could have fought the other infection better but because his immune system was weak from the mono, it affected him worse. I had a swollen gland under my arm pit for about 3 months but it went away, it was sore for the first month but then it just started to shrink and is completely gone. difficult child is over all this but of course he missed the whole school year from all these sicknesses.

But I'm really worried about my 2 other cats and I really hate to have to put this little guy down, but I don't think there is much choice. I will be a mess, I'm a big baby with things like this.


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Feline Leukemia is highly contagious and your other cats can get it unless they are having the shots for it. There is a vaccine that they can get yearly for it. It has been years since I have dealt with it but they will usually pass on when they get it. When the vaccine first came out, you had to get them one shot, wait for some time, go back for a 2nd shot, wait some time and then got get a third shot. Then they could get it annually. Find out from your vet if the other cats have been vaccinnated and what you should do to make it so. I would waste no time with this. Again, it has been years since I have dealt with it and it may not be as bad these days as it was in the '80's.

Good luck!


The vaccination is just one shot annually, however they will have to be tested for it before given the vaccination.

Cats can live for years with feline leukemia, but they tend to have a lot of medical expenses. That decison is up to you. Some people opt to euthanize, some choose to wait until the animal is suffering.