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I seem to remember that someone here mentioned having endometrial uterine ablation procedure. I am going to GYN today to inquire about this procedure. I am hoping she will agree to it as I WILL NOT take BC pills or Hormone Therapy. My sister in law had this done and while she still has her TOM, she has gotten much relief. I have read that some women only experience relief and some no longer have TOM. Anything will be better than what i am experiencing every month!

Any comments on this will be appreciated.

Wish me luck at the Dr.
Hi Robyn,

My doctor and I discussed the ablation, and I was told the same thing, that I may or may not have my TOM again, but I would have some relief. As it turned out, I had hyperplasia so I was not a good candidate for the procedure, but I did lots of research on it, and was all for it.

Best of luck to you at your dr visit. Do your research and make an informed decision.


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TOM is time of month. The procedure involves a balloon filled with very hot saline solution that burns the lining of the uterus and results in either no period or very light. I experience extremely heavy flow, clotting, unbelievable painful cramps and extreme fatigue each month and this last 5-10 days!

i so want this.

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Hmmm, {knock on wood}, the last 3 months my TOM has been very comfortable compared to the past 5 years...actually since difficult child was born 17.5 years ago. In particular the past 5-7 years I've experienced severe monthly pain, heavy periods - beyong belief heavy...as in I go through my supplies and then some more! I am fatigued to the point that I am in bed in agony by 9 PM. I'm usually not in bed till almost midnight most other nights. My DR always put me on the pill, which worked intermittently for a few months and then stops working. I stop taking it, wait a few months and then start up again. I finally gave up. And when I started this new nutritional program I've been on for 3 months, everything evened out and now my periods are okay...I mean, I can deal with it. They are, however, coming closer together and my night sweats have returned a bit so I think I'm definitely closer to menopause. But the severe pain, heavy flow and fatigue has eased up a bit. I wonder why my DR never mentioned this.

Anyway, thanks for explaining it to me and I sure hope this is a viable solution for you. I can't wait to stop getting my TOM EVER AGAIN.