Fidgeting and weight loss


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Hello everyone,

I remember hearing on the radio a while ago that people who fidget tend to burn more calories and have a higher metabolism than those who sit still.:jumphappy:

I googled, and found a couple of articles on it. There is more information available on the internet.

So...maybe instead of a killer-hard exercise program, the secret to slimming down is to wiggle in your chair, swing your feet, pace up and down.:cutie_pie:

This truly shows that every little bit helps. If doing no exercise at all, you can lose 30 lbs a year just by fidgeting, imagine the type of progress you can make by adding a 10 to 15 minute walk every day.

I continue to be amazed by the marvel that is the human body.

(At last, I feel vindication for all those aunties and teachers who were forever telling me to sit still. Maybe my health is a little bit better because I can't sit still. )

All the best,


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Trinity -

THIS explains a lot about severe ADHD son.

This does NOT explain a thing about obese DF who fidgets more than a meerkat with diaper rash.

My only worry for myself is that I'm a very steady, stealthy person. If I started to fidget at work I know I'd get sent for a drug test. lol

Neat article though. Hope all is well with your loosing!


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I think there are several factors at play, and this is just one of them.

I mentioned this to husband, who is preternaturally still. He moves with grace and deliberation, but when he doesn't have to move he is still like a stone statue. So...fidgeting doesn't come naturally to him. It would feel and look very odd. husband has said that he's just tried to incorporate more movements into his day. He gets up to walk around his office more often than he used to.

I have also noticed that when I am fidgeting at husband, he has started to mirror my movements. I don't know whether he's doing this deliberately as part of his weight loss program or if he's just trying to maintain eye contact with his hyper-little-wife-who-can't-stand-still.

As one who has always fidgeted, I don't know what to say about trying to start. If it's not natural to you, I imagine it would feel very very strange. I suppose it would feel as strange as not fidgeting would feel to me.

Well I'm rambling, the caffeine from this morning's tea has worn off and I'm starting to get ADD-short-circuits in my head, so I'd best go re-fuel.:coffee:

Thanks for asking Star. Things are going slowly and steadily. I hope you are doing well also.



I read this article or one like it before. For me kinda makes sense. Years ago...I was a "fidgeter." And years ago...naturally thinner. Now, I like to sit in front of Oprah with a cup of coffee with my feet up. I might not "fidget" for a good hour! LOL!
Could this explain mid life spread? 30 pounds a year by fidgeting? Hmmmmm....the only bad part is that someone might throw a net over our heads and take us away!


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I am a fidgeter. I have always been so. When I get up in the morning....I don't sit again till about 7:00 PM. Honest! I stand to eat, I pace while on the phone, I listen to tv rather than watch it, I deliberately fold clothes out of the dryer putting each article of clothing up one by one (more walking), I vacuum every day, I even swing my feet and legs whenever I DO sit. I think I was born this way because my mother used to put her hand on my leg to stop me from bothered her terribly! I'm 57, 5'2", and weigh the most I've ever weighed at 114 lbs. I feel better and my clothes fit better at about 109, so I'm working on it. Fidgeting DOES make a difference; ask any doctor.