Final countdown...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by gcvmom, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    T-minus FOUR hours until difficult child 2 and easy child are done with school, and FIVE hours until difficult child 1 is done -- Wooo-hooo!!!:bigsmile:

    And then 48 hours until we leave for the 50th state -- Double Wooo-Hooo!!!:hawaii_girl:

    I am SO ready for this break...
  2. WhymeMom?

    WhymeMom? No real answers to life..

    I am so jealous.........not about the kids getting out of school, but a trip to Hawaii!!!!!! I almost got to go there once and the trip was even comped.....but that was back when difficult child lived at home and I was afraid if I left the house he would have taken everything and put the house up for "quick sale"..........

    Have a great time.......don't envy the flight however.....but then I guess you are much closer than I am......
  3. Coookie

    Coookie Active Member

    I hope you have a wonderful time... :) The thing I remember most is the smell of the flowers. I can still smell them... oh... and the ABC Stores too. :)

    I will be thinking of you.


    Oh and the Ocean, and the Sea turtles and the Surfers. :)
  4. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Have a nice long relaxing sunny warm free-wheeling time. Aaaaahhhhhhhhh............I wish I was small enough and close enough to hide in your suitcase.:D
  5. Josie

    Josie Active Member

    Enjoy your trip!

    One of our best fmemories of a family vacations was to Hawaii. difficult child 1 was 9 and said "This is the life!". difficult child 2 had a look of awe on her face as we flew over the Waimea canyon in a helicopter. Of course husband and I thought it was a wonderful vacation for them, but it is not often that kids recognize how great they have it.

    How long will you be there? What islands are you going to?
  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Thanks everyone :)

    FOP, we'll there until July 1st. We have a timeshare on Kauai, so we're spending a week there. After that, husband decided this is the year to splurge (translation: go into major debt) and take his parents to the one place his "mom wanted to see before she dies" (do ya think she's a guilt-manipulator or what?), so they'll be joining us for a week on the Big Island of Hawaii. We're renting a small house for a very reasonable rate for a week just south of Hilo (we'll be on our own for three days) then we all go to the Kona side to a hotel for a couple days before heading home. husband and difficult child 1 are taking the grandparents for a one-day hop over to Oahu to visit Pearl Harbor while I stay with the younger two for the day.

    I'm anxiously praying for:

    1. difficult child 2 to be stable and manageable enough for the 5+ hour flight(s)
    2. mother in law to be relaxed enough to keep her cool around the kids
    3. mother in law to be satisfied and appreciative of her time there.

    I'm convinced mother in law's a difficult child -- last time they went on a trip with us 10 years ago, she held it together for 4 days and then EXPLODED in front of all of us because she was bored and felt like no one was attending to HER needs -- was THAT ever an eye-opener!

    Sad to say, I'm looking forward to this being the LAST vacation I take with her on board.