finnaly got the report back,have quistion?


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well i have been waiting forever to get this report that i had done on my son.It was for over all testing to see where he was and to test what he knows and all that good basicly covered everything to do with how he is learning.and i have another diognosis to add to the not sure what it means cause i have not spoke with the teacher yet but maby some one here does.he has mixed receptive-expressive language could that effect his behavior if he does not think befour saying not knowing how to express him just wondering.cause maby this would explain why he says some of the things he says.


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It explains frustration. And if there are problems with choosing the right words, then the wrong words can often come out by mistake. Impulsivity is a separate problem but for various reasons you can get these problems together. When you do, the frustration level is even higher and the behaviour problems seem to be much worse.

They need a lot of flexibility in dealing with what they do and say. If a kid has more problems than most in the way they communicate with others, punishing them for poor communication or getting frustrated isn't really fair. Of course you need to teach that certain things are not acceptable but they need a different sort of handling for them to learn positively and effectively.



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one other quistion?coul this explain why his moods are all over the place if he does not realize what he is saying till its to late.


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Receptive language is the communication going in. Expressive language is the communication going out. This would be extremely frustrating and moods might be going all over the place. difficult child 2 has problems with expressive language and that is why he has fits. One min he is fine and the next he is screaming. He is trying to tell us something and we just can't read his mind. Yours has it worse because he has problems with receptive language as well.


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Emily did a wonderful job of explaing!

It is absolutely a reason for frustration. It's not so much a case that he doesn't think before he says things, but rather the inablity to express clearly what he means. Does that make sense?

There is also the receptive piece which means he may process what he hears differently than the words actually said.