First annual - what i got myself for mothers day instead of whining post

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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I lieu of the normal - "I'm so upset and depressed, and other Mothers were honored and I was not on the
    " Annual Day of Forgetfulness"
    We had sort of agreed to try going out and buying ourselves a gift ranging from $5.00 to $20.00 today and meeting back here to see what we had come up with to make the day a little happier, lighter, and more festive. Not necesarily Fiesta Cat festive - but keeping in mind that our children are who and what they are, they are alive, they are for the most part healthy, and we are after all - Mothers. ​

    Ours is a thankless job most days, and we as Mother's of difficult child's don't reap the typical rewards of Motherhood - so it can be trying, kind of lonely, and for some isolated and even a bit enivious if you let it. But fear not - TODAY a larger group than you know had understanding and forsight to forsee the possibility you may be feel unappreciated by your offspring - HOWEVER - you ARE appreciated and cherished and acknowledged by your BOARD SISTERS - and I hope you took that blasted money and went out and did something for yourself today and I hope you come back here and post about it and let us know just what you did for yerssef' because LADIES? I gotta tell ya - ​

    I got myself a bottle of DOVE bath soap - for $5.98 - I did NOT use a coupon, I felt bad, not like (bad dirty bad) but BAD - for spending the money - AND as I checked out feeling like THIS IS A GOOD PRESENT - and walked out of that WALMART with my gift - this was something I've been wanting to try but wouldn't waste the money on myself and it FEELS GOOD. ​

    it was between this - and the Mrs. Smith Peach Cobbler.....(but the sugar you know) ​

    SO I GOT THE SOAP - lasts longer too - I mean well, I couldn't completely abandon my Momsense----I'll have this longer. ​

    KNEW YOUR ONLY PRESENT WAS A PICTURE OF YOUR GRAND DOG MADE OUT OF ARBYS CURLY FRIES????? lol - I mean that was great and all - but holy hell. ​
  2. DaisyFace

    DaisyFace Love me...Love me not

    Great thread, Star!

    I went riding today. It only cost the gas to get out to the barn. It was a beautiful peaceful morning - just perfect! A great gift any day...

  3. pepperidge

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    Thanks for the wonderful laugh. I really hope you enjoy your soap. Doesn't take much really to please a mom does it? I'm pretty much only doing what I want to do today. My son wants to get a donkey. I told him one jack@@@ in the family is enough.

    Thanks for being you-
  4. ski10

    ski10 New Member

    Lol, really do make me laugh :)

    Not heard from my one and only daughter at all today, I walked my dogs and sat like an old lady in my garden swing wondering what flowers to put in the yard, and right now I'm eating a whole box of chocolates my every sweet old neighbor brought over :)

    Happy Mother's day to all.
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Pepper -

    ROFL mule OFf - However....I think if the boy wants a donkey? You should allow him to get it. You never know. You just may find favor with the four legged jack. AND, I'd remind you that the two legged kind can ONLY be ridden SO far before it completely shuts down - the other will eventually shut down, but can be tempted with a bucket of oats and a flake of alfalfa. Cheap price to pay when you are trying to run away from home. (not too bad looking in a Shakespearian hat either)

    Daisy - I think you had an AWESOME day - I am SO happy you did something for YOURSELF and spent the time relaxing and got to have the HORSE SMELL in your nose and wind in your face and sun on your back......just wonderful and GOOD FOR YOU! KUDOS to you for getting out and getting a snoot full of horse sense.

    ski10 -Anytime I can make someone laugh at my life? I've lived to accomplish another great day. The dogs ARE your children. They just speak a form of English that few others understand. Mine speak to me, they rat out DF all the time. It's taken nealry 8 years for him to believe that - but I literally have left the house - he's snuck candy and done things, I've come home and gone right to my office, they've come in - told on him and I've gone back out in the den and said "Casper and Bull said you blah blah blah and FINALLY FINALLY he believs they speak to me and I'm not just spying on him or guessing." So much better company than most people too. And You have a neihbor that brings you candy? WANNA trade? Mine just spies on me when I dance for no reason. She's just kinda creepy - but maybe she thinks me dancing in the yard and talking to my dogs is kinda creepy? If she knew what the dogs said about HER? Boy oh boy - I'm not the creepy one.
  6. Wiped Out

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    This is a great thread:). easy child/difficult child has not even acknowledged it is Mother's Day. difficult child did but also did some difficult child rude things that were so not nice on Mother's Day. However, I walked my dog 4 1/2 miles today and bought myself the expensive Orville Redenbacher (sp?) popcorn. It was all of about $5.00. After difficult child is in bed I'm making some for husband and me with real butter!

    husband has been super nice today and even came home with an extra present (he bought me a camera last month).
  7. donna723

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    For Mothers Day I got a trip to a minor league baseball game from my son last night and a phone call from my daughter this morning. She was a little bummed out because her husband is working nights this week, was already asleep, and had forgotten to wish her a Happy Mothers Day. When he gets up she plans to say just enough to him to make him feel like crappola for forgetting, then she'll forgive him. I could hardly hear her over my grandson screaming! Ethan just turned two last Sunday, and it's amazing how early they learn the diversionary tactics they will use all their lives! Ever since he was physically capable of getting up on the sofa, he has been forbidden to stand up on it because he falls off. So the minute her back is turned or she's on the phone, he's up on the sofa, only now he stacks pillows up on the sofa and tries to stand up on them ... further to fall! We hadn't talked two minutes when the screaming started! He fell off the sofa and bumped his arm. He was crying because it hurt but he was MAD and angrily jabbering something I couldn't understand, but the jist of it is that he blames the SOFA! It intentionally and maliciously hurled his tiny body off on to the floor and hurt his arm (which was just fine, by the way). I was the sofa's fault, certainly not his, and the crying was way out of proportion to the tiny bump he got because if he cries really loud he might get some sympathy instead of getting in trouble for standing up on the sofa! They learn so quickly, don't they!
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    WO -

    OMG I saw that Orville Redenbacher popcorn - it was a contender too. Is this the kind that pops up into a bowl? You'll have to tell us about it - I am a popcorn freak. I'm supposed to be on two kinds for this new way of life. The one that has the WW points on it and the other one is the O.R. green box (it's like eating the box) so every now and then I sneak and have a cup or so of the really good stuff. The 4.5 miles with the dogs sounded like heaven on a leash! My dog would LOVE to walk that far......and then he would want someone to come get us in a car.....and take us home.
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Donna =

    It sounds like Ethan has the makings of a future gymnast. I just do NOT see how daughter's hubby could forget her after she gave him like one of the worlds most georgeous babies. lol. I hope she gives it to him good! How cool is that -you got to go to a minor league ball game!? My Dad played minor leage ball for a while - couldn't tell you what team or anything - I just know he LOVED baseball, football - sports period. I don't care what sport it is. Not crazy about WWF - but occasionally DF will watch and then does that "You don't mind do you?" and I'm thinking - ME? Mind - watching gigantic men in tight spandex? OF COURSE I mind - GET OUT OF THE WAY....I can't see TV.
  10. Mattsmom277

    Mattsmom277 Active Member

    Three words: Corn Twists YUMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (And Mama ain't sharing!)
  11. ML

    ML Guest

    Right on Star~ I'm so glad you spoiled yourself a little bit. I love, appreciate and honor you today!
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911

    ML -

    Back at ya baby!
  13. Marcie Mac

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    So, my gift to myself (spent almost 20.00 but I am worth it) for Mother's Day was......


    They work so well that the new Jeans I bought myself on Saturday, well, I could have gotten a size smaller.....

    We were going out to dinner with the boys, HOWEVER, SO had to help me in these" mid calf to right under the girls" ones I bought cause my nails are way long and I can't get a grip. We were laughing so hard he had to run for his inhaler as he was out of breath and I thought he was going to into an attack. 15 MINUTES to get this thing halfway up. And then he said "Maybe you better have a quick run to the bathroom now, cause if you gotta go, I cannot go in their and help you get this back up. So I do, and come hobbling out of the bathroom cause its like my knees and calf's are tied together. More laughing on his part - howling is probably more accurate. So now its on - and...... I have an incredibly flat stomach- Am figuring at this point maybe I am hollow inside, cause I was amazed and wondering where a lot of me went...BUT..... I now find I can't bend over and PUT ON MY SHOES - he has gotta help me with that - asks me if I can put my foot up and I am

    As we are getting in the car, he leans over to whisper to me "Do me a favor and stay away from foods that are going to give you gas - there is no where for it to go cept up your back" giving me of course visions of the back of my hair perodically blowing up during the course of the meal. Course that sets us off to another laughing frenzy- so bad I had to be helped in the car. The boys by this time are standing there staring at us saying whats wrong with you two??

    Thanks for the idea Star - It was 20.00 well spent - not to mention the fact I realized one cannot eat a lot when wearing these things - I may never take it off.

  14. klmno

    klmno Active Member

    Great thread and story! I posted on another thread about it so here's the short version, although I paid nothing for it. I was contacted by a couple of friends who I was in the military with for 2 years - from 1980 to 1982 and they were in the area. They were dating back then but are now married. I hadn't seen them since 1982 and we had lunch together today. It was great! We vowed not to wait 30 years next time. LOL! Oh- I bought myself a newspaper because I like the front page and because I will now start pursuing a new job more aggressively. I spent the afternoon driving out of town for work this coming week and am about to buy myself dinner. Does that count?
  15. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    {{{{{Star}}}}} you crack me up! Although my daughter's were good to me, I did buy myself gel nails. I've been missing them and am THRILLED with them-care free nails!
  16. 1905

    1905 Well-Known Member

    I'm laughing at all of your funny stories! Friday easy child won a gift card to Barnes and Nobles and he said I could have it, I told him it could be my MD present and he said good because he didn't even know it was MD. My books are on the way! I am so excited, I never buy books. Then difficult child came over and said he left my present at his house and it was wine. That's nice. Later he came over again with easy child and he gave me some flowers (where happened to the wine?), this was at 8, I know he just bought them 1 minute ago because they were all broken and dead. Like the ones that are left over at 8pm on Mothers Day from the supermarket. I spent my day cleaning..and I went to Wawa and the clerk called me ,"sir"!!!!! Ok, my hair is in a hat, and I don't have any make-up on right now, but stil!!!!
  17. Nomad

    Nomad Guest

    I try to come to this site on Mother's Day. I KNOW how hard this day can be. Have had a few dooozies in the past.
    difficult child gave me a home made card..that was unbelievably good. Done on the computer. She used a photo of myself on the cover and made via computer an envelope for couldn't even tell that it wasn't store bought.
    Son gave me a gift certificate. Not super creative...but it was for the RIGHT place. My birthday comes right before Mother's Day and I think this freaks the kids out a bit. Hmmmm. THEIR bdays comes right before xmas...never was easy for me.
    husband gave me several of my favorite candles!!! OMG! I LOVE them!
    Kids were great!
    Hope it is ok to say my Mother's Day was pleasant this year (knock on wood, crossing myself and lighting several candles...of which I have plenty come to think of it!)
    I wish this for all of us next year and each and every year!!!
    Happy Mother's Day!!!
    p.s. To be on the safe side, I did buy myself some new shoes this weekned. They look hot! hee hee
  18. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Star, that is kind of funny about the ball game. We weren't sure which Major League team this minor league team was affiliated with because they've changed several times and for the first couple of innings we were cheering for the wrong team and thought they were batting out of order! One team was wearing white uniforms with black pinstripes and the other was wearing red jerseys and gray pants. They said the visiting team was affiliated with the Chicago White Sox, so we assumed that the ones in the white/black White Sox-looking uniforms was them. Then we couldn't figure out why some of them were wearing Seattle Mariners jackets over their White Sox uniforms?????? We finally figured it out but why does a Mariners team wear uniforms that look just like the White Sox uniforms?

    And my daughter wasn't too upset that he forgot it was Mother's Day ... with his hours at work, the poor guy probably doesn't even remember what day of the week it is much less Mother's Day! He's a cop and they work 12 hour shifts, 7 to 7. They work days for three weeks and then switch and work nights for three weeks, then back to days again. He loves his job but he hasn't adjusted to the hours yet. Those first few days after a shift change are rough! But when he wakes up, she's going to ask him what he wants for Father's Day and see if he takes the hint!
  19. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Marcie? O.M.Spanx in heaven woman - I had tears rolling down my face reading your story - and it was so well written - the dogs were coming in the room trying to find out why IIIIII couldn't breath. I swear to heaven if there is a prize for BEST GIFT I GAVE MYSELF ON THE DAY OF FORGETFULNESS? YOU WIN! :winnersmiley: The picture of you blowing your hair up in the back????? OMG here we go again - I'm out of ..............ok I fell on the floor. Thank you sooooo much for being honest. I needed that laugh like you can not believe. Are you sure you've never done stand up?

    klmno - THAT IS SO AWESOME! and you are looking to get a new job and I'm looking to GET a job! Very good! VERY GOOD! congratulations on having some ME time finally! you deserve it! Very good!

    Hearts & Roses - I had no doubts that your girls would be good to you! They have a wonderful Mom, but I was SO tickled to see you FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY do something FOR YOURSELF! AMEN SISTER! GOOD ON YA

    UPALLNIGHT? See this just enforces that question we were talking about - WHY is the RUM always gone! - Except in this case it would have to be wine - and you got books! VERY COOL! VERY VERY COOL! I'm so glad that difficult child did something so selfless - seems our boy is growing up. Way To Go on doing something for yourself! LOVELY! And you know what? Those last minute broken stem flowers? Are some of the very best flowers there are in the whole wide world because - it may say to some - "Last minute no planning." But it's how you look at it I guess because it could have just as well been 'No flowers at all - nothing." And instead it was "I love my Mom so much no matter what I will find a way to get her flowers - even if it's the last minute." Cherish the flowers - they still said "I LOVE YOU MOM" and that's the best thing in the world to hear. Better late than never or not at all.

    Malika - Happy Belated Birthday - You snuck that in on us huh? Next year we'll get ya! Sounds like you have a family that has a good memory - Good for you! Also sounds like you have very artistic and talented children!! I love hand made things . Mstang (another member) made me a little jewelry box and gave it to me when we met. it's a Star, painted and has glittery and rhinestones on it. I love it. If my house were to catch on fire - it's one of the top 10 things I'd run back in to get - because I've never had a friend make me anything in my life - I cherish it that much. She thinks it's bad art - I think it's awesome H-art. I'm happy for you my friend. And candles too huh? Wonderful.

    donna - I think the White sox winter in Sarasota where I used to live - I'm not sure about the Mariners thing, but that is just weird. I wouldn't have known who to cheer for - but I always take binoculars to any Indians Game! Just so lucky to get to go! Lucky Lucky!
  20. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Star, this is one of the Seattle Mariners minor league teams, but I'm not sure what division they are in. This is a small but very nice ball park so no need for binoculars. I always take binoculars when I go to Major League games though. It was really a lot of fun and I wouldn't mind going again. One thing they have in common with the Majors though is the price of the concessions! A small dried up hamburger and a soft drink was $9!!! And they won't let you bring in your own food and drinks (unless you have a very large purse)!