First for me!


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I attended difficult child's first NA meeting with him tonight. He went at my suggestions---but at least he went. I went with him to lessen any anxiety he had about about going. He was receptive and seems to be willing to try the program---can't ask for much more than that! He has another meeting tomorrow night and asked one of the guys there to pick him up to go. We will see. I HATE addiction!


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That is great that he asked someone to pick him up and bring him. Once he makes connections with other people at the meeting, he will feel more comfortable. Hopefully he'll find himself a good sponsor, but in the meantime, I'm glad he went.


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hope it works for him. ant was so hard core. he met new users at those mtgs. he got rides home to do drugs with them. they called the house to make deals. sigh

I have to say though I got a new look at things from going to the parent mtgs.