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    Can't say that I like it one bit.

    It says a lot that I was counted among the final temp employees to be laid off. Company laid off more than 200 temp workers total last week. (both shifts) I was one of the maybe 25 or so left on 3rd shift. That I made it 6 months and just now got laid off for the first time is nearly unheard of there. So, there ya go.

    It is supposed to be until monday, but that is subject to change without notice. If there is no work, we'll be told to not come back until called. At least I'll be one of the first ones called back.

    The nice thing? I get a 5 day weekend after working only one day. The awful thing? I worked one day this week. I got sent home monday, worked tuesday and then laid off. Tuesday will cover my gas.

    I had just gotten things worked out so the house payment would be able to be paid on the first again. It's not past due until after the 15th, but still. It requires multiple checks to pay it. It's not that high, my pay is that low.

    I was about to bid for a full time position. I didn't bother when I was told all scheduled interviews for bid jobs were cancelled until further notice. I already don't like the fact you're not allowed to bid for general has to be for above that. I'm happy being a worker bee. I sure as heck don't want the headache of being a Operator or Operator assistant, even if the pay is better. (it is not really worth the stress levels) I don't want to be a boss, I want to be a worker bee. ugh

    I am barely holding on by a thread as it is, folks. I've worked 6 months and made 7,000 something. A whopping 14 k a year? wow. I'm not truly complaining. It's a job in an area where jobs are scarce. I needed a current work history and experience because no one else would take the chance. But with prices going up up up up up up up.........and our pay going nowhere......that thread is eventually going to snap.

    Again I look for ways to cut costs. I'm picking up 2 e cigarette kits for 75 bucks. What is equivalent to 2 cartons of cigarettes in the liquid will cost me 7.00 when a carton of what I smoke is 45.00. (price went up again) A carton of the cigar type Travis smokes is only 18.00 but if he keeps smoking them he's not going to make it to 35. And 3.50 is still considerably cheaper than 18. I tried them at the tobacco store and I think it will work fine. I'm having to go back and get it because her shipment of the one I want doesn't come in today until 4pm.

    I'm not sure how else I can cut costs because I've cut so much now that I can't think of many places I can still cut.

    I did happen to mention while at work that I planned to make myself a hooded scarf. Hats and pony tails or hair clips don't work out so well. The bitter cold makes a hat necessary and a scarf a darn good idea. No one knew what I was talking about but liked the idea when I described it. Looks like I'll be making hooded scarves and selling them. One guy I worked with said he'd help (forklift driver goes all over the plant)......all he wants is two scarves, one for him and his wife. That surprised me cuz when I think of hooded scarves I think female but honestly it can be a unisex thing. I plan to make his in camo. He ought to like it as he wears a lot of camo. lol Might be a big hit. Feedback certainly seems so and they've not yet seen one.

    I've also located a local shop or two that will probably sell the bitty baby/american girl clothes I make. I hope to talk to them tomorrow. :)

    And while I like my job, my eye is once again searching for something better/closer. *sigh*
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    Do you have unemployment credits? Call and see if you qualify.
  3. lovemysons

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    Hi there,
    I have a friend who I know used to work at home for a company called "Live Ops" I think. You might want to look into it. Just a thought.

    I hope you will find a new job soon.
  4. DDD

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    Your daily dedication to independence is really admirable. :) I am not at all surprised that you've already come up with a new marketable idea. on the other hand, my friend, you are the citizen that should be receiving the assistance that is available thru various programs. You must be eligible for a number of assistance programs available thru the various levels of government AND local programs. Don't let your pride keep you from applying for financial help. You are not a lazy mooch! You've got the spirit that everyone admires BUT you need a helping hand. Hugs DDD
  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    TM, I checked unemployment during our 2 wk lay off in December. (plant shuts down for cleaning) I don't qualify until I've worked 12 consecutive months. Doesn't have to be at the same job, just that time frame.

    DDD I used food stamps. I got tossed off when I got the job. I make too much. I haven't yet figured out how I'm supposed to pay my bills (which by most standards today are not that high) and still eat, but they seem to think I can manage just fine and dandy. I won't do the govt programs for utilities. I had them come back and bite me in the rear the last time I used them. I can't get help with the house payment unless I let the mortgage go into default, which I won't risk doing. I asked for health coverage, I got birth control for a post menopausal woman. omg If you don't have kids in the some degree you're just scr*wed.

    Good surprise? easy child covered the cost for the starter kits for mine and Travis' e cigs. I used mine from 3pm until just a few minutes ago just fine. I'm not perfect at it, but it actually is just not bad at all. Pleasantly surprised. So that will drastically reduce one part of my budget.

    I will manage somehow. If another job with better pay or a 2nd job that could be worked into my unusual hours isn't possible.....and I'm still hurting.....there are plenty of things around here to sell off for cash. I've not had to do that yet, and I hope I don't have to resort to it, but that is what they are there for. Meanwhile, I still have an overflowing pantry/freezer and we certainly won't go hungry any time in the near future.
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    Sorry about the layoff but maybe it wont be too long.

    I have a couple ideas for you because we have had to endure several layoffs. Normally we get at least one or two a year that can last almost a month or so.

    Number one...go fishing as soon as you can. Eat what you want right then and then fillet the rest and put up. If you are considering the rabbits or the bantum chickens, get started soon. Normally the babies are around Easter. While you arent working you can prep cages. Im sure you can get the wood and wire off of freecycle.

    Number have told me before about an easy and quick baby booty. I see them and also those square washcloths on eBay. They dont go for a ton of money but I can guarantee your shipping can be done through first class mail which means your costs are less than 2.25 a piece. Build in that cost. I have also seen American girl clothes and Barbie clothes if you can make them. Oh and about shipping. I have some mailing bags I can send you so you dont have to buy those.
  7. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Janet, while I love to fish........and do plan to do some this year as much as possible.......I have never so much as cleaned a fish in my life. As a kid mom had us toss them back because she certainly wasn't cleaning a stinky nasty fish. Any catfish we ate growing up were cleaned by uncles and while I remember watching them, I was preschool age and all I remember is watch out for the barbs. Nichole's husband's grandparents and aunt enjoy fishing and eating them, so they may be someone who can literally show me how as I'd love to learn.

    Fishing is one of the activities I plan with Evan as soon as it warms up. My yard is over flowing with night crawlers. Seriously, I could sell the darn things. I'm hoping to pick up some poles at yard sales. Evan loves to fish. I want to just start with him and gradually add in Darrin and Aubrey who also enjoy it.......I might take Brandon a time or two, Alex as well, but not sure either of them would be able to sit still long.

    I wish my sister lived closer. I know she'd show me how to do it.
  8. DammitJanet

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    Well...let me see. I bet there are some youtube videos out there on how to clean each specific fish. I know you skin a catfish and scrape others to remove scales. I could have Tony make a video the next time he is cleaning
  9. trinityroyal

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    Lisa, there are some great markets out there for knitted and crochet work. All internet-based, with no start-up costs. Some of them charge a very small commission on items you sell, but you're never out of pocket. Also, lots of online help available with setup, SEO and all that other stuff you need to do in order to market your products. You can set up a facebook page that ties into the other markets. PM me if you'd like more details.

  10. Kathy813

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    Lisa, I don't know why you aren't using the Affordable Care Act. My difficult child makes a little bit more than you do and has wonderful coverage with her Obamacare insurance. She pays $81 a month and pays only copays of $25 when she goes to the doctor and her medications are a minimal cost. Her deductible is $900 and her out of pocket max is only $1450 which is way lower than my great school insurance.

    Yes, insurance coverage pays for things that we don't need. That is the point of group insurance. My school policy covers prostate cancer which I am sure that I will never have. It also covers maternity costs which I am sure I will never need again but did use at one point. Everyone pays into the group in the forms of premiums which in turn covers everyone's needs whether specific individuals will ever need particular parts of the plan.

  11. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    Another thought...

    Do you have a craft store near you? If so, you might be able to offer crochet lessons -- the yarn shops in my area do this. Let me know if you'd like more information about this too. Again, no out-of pocket setup costs, and it might be another good revenue stream for you.
  12. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Kathy, on a little over a thousand dollars a month, it would be incredibly hard to find the money for the monthly payment, much less the copays etc.... Trust me, been there done that and it is HARD. If Lisa had the money for it, she would have the insurance. Sadly, no matter how low the payments are, if you can barely make the house payment and utilities when you use every single saving method and frugal method you can think of, you cannot pay $81 more for health insurance and even more for the copays etc... The money just simply is. not. there.

    I have done the budget Lisa is on, in times when prices were considerably lower. It was next to impossible to find any money for healthcare even though I have very serious health issues and require regular daily medication. I ignored my health and paid for my kids to see the doctor instead because the choice was either the kids see the doctor and the copays are paid, or I see the doctor and pay my copays. There simply wasn't any money for anything else unless I could give up eating more than a very basic and cheap diet (and trust me, I was couponing and cooking from scratch and using every frugal tool I had and I have a LOT of them!)

    Either a youtube video or ask around, someone will show you how to clean a fish. Heck, go to the library and look for the old Foxfire books. They are a series of volumes about how to live in a very rural setting and they are amazing. Or look at a Boy Scout Manual if you cannot find the Foxfire books at the library. I know the older BS manuals used to have directions for fish cleaning.
  13. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Kathy, there is no way to eek out the funds for Obamacare. The truly poor, can't afford it. I know that sounds like an oxymoron but that is the way it is. I saw it coming before it was finalized. The working poor, those on the wire, simply can't squeeze out enough funds from budgets already barely keeping them surviving. And, like I said, if you don't have children, you can forget welfare.

    I'm not worried about healthcare. I've not had insurance for many years. I just refuse to worry about it because there is nothing at this point I can do to change it.

    Trinity, I want to see how dealing with local shops ect goes before taking to the mail. I'm not sure I can manage a mail deal at the moment. Not cost wise but time wise. I'll talk to the shops and see about setting up classes for crochet, although I'm no expert by any means. I am, though, seeing many people wanting to learn to read patterns. So that at least, I can help them with.

    Susie, the Tightwad Gazette has become the family Bible. Not to mention I advise folks at work to look it up and purchase copies for themselves too.

    I'll hold on. I don't always know how, but I always manage.

    Meanwhile, my mother just called to tell me she's been in hospital since thurs night after a bad fall flat on her face. She swears nothing was broken but her face is swollen and black and blue and they're doing an MRI. She called me too late tonight for me to do much, but I'll be contacting the nurses station in the morning. Informing them, in case she hasn't, that I am her legal power of attorney for everything, medical and financial and that I need to be kept informed of her condition and if they assess her to not be competent. She didn't sound too bad on the phone except she kept wanting to talk in circles instead of answer my questions. I still have no clue why she fell flat on her face. omg

    So I may be making a forced trip to Illinois in the very near future. Not to mention my sister in Indy is not improving but is in hospital more than out of it and is currently homeless staying with a neighbor. When it rains it pours. You'd think I'd be used to it by now. *sigh*
  14. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Lisa, I had a feeling that The Tightwad Gazette would be something you would truly appreciate. I am so glad it is helpful to your entire family. That you ALL would use it often and well is the reason I wanted you to have it. It sure saved my family more than a few times when money was really tight (and when it wasn't but I didn't want to get to where it was super tight again). I have recommended that book over and over here, and am glad to get feedback that it really is helpful. I do strongly suggest looking at places like amazon marketplace for a used copy if you are going to buy it. Around here you cannot get it from the local or university libraries because back when they had copies they could not get people to return them. Wrong way to tightwad, Know what I mean?? Lol, but true.

    Have you considered offering couponing classes? Make your own mix classes? Make your own cleaners for a house that sparkles and shines without toxic chemicals? There are real demands for classes, easy as those things can seem. We have a multi-arts center that has all sorts of classes and while most are about art, they do offer things like this if someone wants to teach them. You just write up a proposal and list of what supplies and equipment are needed, and submit them. Right now I think that many libraries would also help you offer these as there is a real demand. Just check out pinterest where most of the members have boards with hundreds of pins for this stuff.Or you could offer a class on debunking cleaning pins.

    Just ideas. I hope that things get better soon. I am sorry your mom fell, and that your sibs are being jerks and idiots about it. I think your mom NEEDS to invest in either a medicalert bracelet or one of the other similar things that would offer her medical info and can have her power of atty info with your phone number included with that info. This way the docs/ambulance/whatever would KNOW to call you and not yoru siblings, etc... I know there is a company that offers little keychain fobs like the ones for the grocery, etc... that can be scanned by docs, ambulance/hospital staff, etc... to find medical info. Last year it was $10 to sign up and every year after that was another $10 to keep the info current and available. It would simplify things and keep your sibs from robbing her blind, etc.. if/when something happens again.

    Your siblings have not got a clue, and have no idea how indomitable you are. I am sure you will succeed in doing whatever your mother wishes and what is in her best interest in spite of what your sibs want.
  15. helpangel

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    Wow so many good ideas in this thread I hunted till I found a pen and started a list of idea's (my not this time pile of bills is over $900 this month) was racking my brain how to make some extra money when logged on today.

    If the e-cigs irritate your throat (they do mine) might try rolling your own cigarettes, taxes in my state puts factory rolled cigarettes at around $60 a carton and I get tobacco, filters & papers to roll them for around $12 a carton. Sit and roll cigs while reading the forums or watching TV. Just an idea.

    Another thing I do to save money is buy burger in 10 Lb bulk and break down into small packages (1/2 - 3/4) Lb. when making anything with browned ground beef will add a handful of oats while browning it and rinse & drain as usual... when mixed in the sloppy joes or spaghetti sauce my kids aren't even aware that half their meat is oats.

    Chili I've found using different kinds of dry beans makes it not look so "bean heavy" Last week used kidney, black, small red & pinto with-1/2 Lb burger (with-oats) and 1 chicken breast made a huge pot of chili and they could see chunks of 2 different meats didn't even realize I put the whole thing together for under $10 and it was enough to feed even this hungry bunch for several days.

  16. TerryJ2

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    Hi Lisa,
    I'm so sorry you got laid off. I just caught up on this thread. I hope that you find something else quickly. It sounds like you've really explored all of your options. {{hugs}}
  17. busywend

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    You totally qualify for medicaid in Ohio. You need someone to help you get the services you are entitled to. I love that you prefer to work and when you can you will, but you should take the free health care available. It might not be best, but better than none.

    sent from mobile phone
  18. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Busy, I've already tried to get medicaid and was flat out denied........and that was when I wasn't working. Since I couldn't pay the spend downs, it wouldn't make much difference for me anyway.

    I went back to work monday. I should've updated the post, sorry. I'm working overtime this weekend which will more than make up for anything I lost last week......which turned out not to be as bad as I anticipated due to taxes being less because I made so much less. I'm not complaining. Surprises like that are nice and helpful

    I'll be bidding for a full time position in the very near future. Then insurance will no longer be an issue, nor pay, if I get it.
  19. 1905

    1905 Well-Known Member

    I cannot understand how you can't get Medicaid, honestly, how is that in the U.S? If you were in prison you could get free medical care, right? And you're not even in prison!!!! There are so many workers are in your income range, Obamacare is a joke, isn't it? I wish I would live near a great fishing spot, I love fish and I love the water, I don't know how to fish but how hard is it? I do like to can veggies though. I know that saves me money. I made beets last summer and now I made some today and for $4.50, I made another 6 months worth, I eat these every day.
  20. DammitJanet

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    Well if anyone needs info on fishing or cooking almost anything that would be considered "wild game" I am the one to ask. Before I ended up with Tony I would never have believed I would eat so many In fact, I have even eaten squirrel! It makes quite the tasty burger.

    I am sure most of you are somewhat close to some sort of water and Tony is excellent at both fresh and salt water. If wanted I can get him to do a video and put it up on my youtube channel.