Five miles!!! RIGHT - NOT!!!

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    We all know what happens to hot and tired difficult children. It brings out the worse in them. :mad:

    difficult child had a 1.5 hour football camp today - including helmet, shoulder pads, ect. 1st time ever suited up. He stated some boys teased him because he did not put his outfit on correctly. He wanted to leave then and there. I told him he had to do today and the next 2 days (3 day camp) and then he can decide about Fall football.

    By the time we headed home, he was in full bad mood. He refused to roll up the window in the van. He was so distracting - once I got the window up and locked, he decided to blast me with hot air AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!

    It has been several years since I have done this but I thought he would remember how it works. When kids are misbehaving in my vehicle, they are not allowed in it. So, what I do is pull over and tell them to get out. I turn off the vehicle and get out myself to walk home with them and leave the vehicle behind. When difficult child was about 4 or 5 years old, he would be so worried about the vehicle. This always happens within 1/4 mile from home so it really is not an excessive walk home.

    So, I pull over - difficult child refuses to get out. I turn the van off and start walking home. Once I hear difficult child get out, I lock the van (from the distance I was). I only looked back twice - once difficult child was walking toward me and the 2nd time he ducked out of sight. I cut across a field and when I got home asked easy child to drive back to the van to see if she can see difficult child.

    By the time I called to see if easy child had any news (about 3 minutes), I hear the downstairs door open and puppy comes upstairs - meaning difficult child put puppy over the gate. I found difficult child in our guest room - he started screaming at me. He thinks I should apologize for "making me walk five miles while you followed me in the van" Where does he come up with this ****?

    Since it was medicince time, I went upstairs to cut him an apple, pour him some apple juice and get his medications ready. I called him upstairs and told him to settle down that he is in a time out. He started a temper tantrum. husband returned a call in the midst of this and I gave the phone to difficult child. "Mom is a F#$@, she made me walk five miles when I was thirsty and she cheats on you!" WHAT??? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM??? He would not go into the time out so I told him that I was going to call his psychiatrist. He came into my room where I was looking for psychiatrist's phone number and said, "Mom, you don't need to do that, I will do the time out." I guess the show was over.
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