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    Has anyone had luck with flaxseed oil gelcaps. We have been giving our 4 year old difficult child 3-1000mg gel caps a day. One at breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past three weeks. The change started this past weekend. She is DRAMATICALLY improved!!! I didn't think it would work, but it seems to have done tremendous change. She still has normal 4 yr. old issues, but we have seen an incredible increase in her sweetness and negotiability and manners. Her pills also has alpha-linoleic acid 500mg, linoleic acid 200mg, oleic acid 200mg,palmitic acid 60mg and stearic acid 40mg. We have also been giving her b-12 sublingual tablets every morning. We had a DO recommend these, but we substituted the vegetarian flaxseed oil caps instead of fish protein. She couldn't handle the smell of the fish caps and frankly neither could we. Has anyone else tried this or are we just experiencing a placebo effect? Thanks!
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    My daughter takes flaxseed daily, it's part of an overall treatment plan prescribed by our allergist. We have also seen a great improvement in terms of behavior. We also give desensitizing allergy shots, follow a strict rotational diet, and give a multi-vitamin and mineral supplementwith no articial color, teast, or added sugars. The change has been dramatic and has been happening since October. I'm actually beginning to believe it's not a placebo effect.
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    Good to hear. Our difficult child has not had allergies, reflux, sleep disorders, or really any illnesses of any consequence at all. She does have sensory issues and defiance as well as what we think is ADD. We also went to a DO who told us to give her selenium, B12 ,C, choline and fish caps because she was deficient. She does think she is probably hypoglycemic which could trigger her "episodes". She didn't do allergy testing because our girl does not seem likely to have those. We made an appointment. for the 13th of Jan. for a psychiatrist which is when we started the oil caps. Now, we wonder if we should still keep the appointment. We didn't want to drug her anyway. Do you use traditional doctors. as well? Thanks!
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    It's great to hear your success. You may want to investigate other therapeutic and behavioral modalities before turning to psychiatric drugs. I primarily see a homeopathic physician but there is also a place for traditional Western medicine.