Flea market, Yard Sale, Road Trip......

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    Hi all.....

    Just checking in ...

    My crazy Mom got in her car last Friday night and drove 11 hours by herself to come help me with this house. We took stuff to the flea market. (I had fun playing swords with the kids that came to my booth) - Got sick of hearing "Uh don't touch that." from all the other vendors so I put stuff out that kids COULD touch and then jumped out from behind my booth with a pirate hat screamed "AVASTE YE LAND LUBER" and tossed innocent boys a sword, challenged them to a duel - giving them a choice of toy pistols, swords or Star Wars light sabres. (yes I have gone to the Dark side). We had a ball. And our booth did more business than anyone elses. (nyeah) :tongue: - I started a seasonal costume business to help make the bills and apparently it's helping. (yeah)

    Then we had a massive yard sale. OMG (it was like an episode of hoarders) only neater, cleaner, more organized, and everything we did was priced. I followed these rules for successful yard-sales.....worked my Mom like a donkey -(okay she works like that anyway) and by noon on Friday people were pulling in the yard - Our sale was NOT until Saturday. First day we did over $100 - on just junk in 2 hours. 2nd day - we did slammin' = at noon we put up the signs 50% off EVERYTHING over $2 - and man it went.

    I still have a ton of stuff left - but the rule was NO MATTER WHAT - it did NOT go back in the house or shed......so now? I have a house. ---READY for fixing. Moving.

    I feel free and I'm happy for the first time in a long time. Hopefully I can now get people in here to fix stuff (there is room) to work. AND GET OUT OF HERE. EVEN (don't pass out) DF put HIS stuff out - and made money and (don't gasp) HE IS THROWING STUFF AWAY and parting with koi. OMG - I could have cried.

    So I'm leaving to go to Ohio with Mom for 2 weeks. Checking out the jobs and housing and I'll see ya'll in a bit. Take care of the donkeys and each other.

    Good golly is my Mother a shrewd negotiator. ------yardsale queen is she. Mmmm...(put down the light sabre Yoda and sell that set of drapes). Yes Obi.
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    It sounds like a blast! I've been having yard sales, too, and the more I pulled out, the more I kept finding. LOL! It was amazing what all I had and had completely forgotten about.

    Have a safe trip, good look in the job and housing hunt, and touch base when you can!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

  4. Hound dog

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    Sounds like loads of fun! :D

    We had our yard sale this weekend too. Nichole put her foot down that she was only moving what they needed to the new apartment, no junk. lol And I had mother in law's things that no one wanted or could make use of to get rid of, plus some of my own stuff. God forbid husband part with anything.........and since he's not working I could only sneak a few things into the sale.

    Friday was hot as hades. I thought we'd die and no one would show up but it turned out to be our best day. Since a large percentage of people here are out of work we priced to SELL. We'd already decided everything that didn't sell was going to the new Goodwill store that is opening, so profit whatever we made would be all good. lol Friday turned out to be our best day. We sold a ton of stuff. Sat when it cooled off........not so much. And today we closed down early. But still we made a good profit and got rid of most of it. The rest we'll drop off at Goodwill on my way to my dentist appointment on tues. :D
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    Yeah! :bravo:Good luck in your travels to OH!
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    I am so excited for you! I know you have wanted this for so long! I hope it comes true soon... no sooner! No! Soonerish!
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    I feel a "meet halfway for lunch" trip coming on. Daisy? Step? You guys in?