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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Sep 14, 2010.

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    I always got a flu shot each year. I am planning this year. difficult child's dr. wants him to get a flu shot, but he has SO much anxiety, and often can't breathe, chest pain, many many anxiety related problems. He is afraid if he gets a flu shot it will cause an allergic reaction, or worse.

    Is it something I should attempt to convince him to do? Should I acknowledge his fears and validate them? I would like for him to be protected from sickness, but not at the risk of dealing with many other anxiety issues / illnesses.

    I do understand these anxiety related illnesses ARE real to him. But can I urge the flu shot or let it go?

    You can see my post in general forum relating to difficult child.
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    I am not going to get a flu shot so in my opinion, I wouldn't make him. If he gets the flu, he might be more willing to get one next year.

    I had shortness of breath and occasional chest pain that my doctor said was "stress". Magically, my "stress" disappears when I take antibiotics. I had to go to an alternative medical provider to get them. I am always bothered when physical problems are called anxiety. Maybe his illnesses are real, but just not easily diagnosed.
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    I can appreciate what the two of you are going through. My difficult child 1 used to have similar issues, but because he has two autoimmune diseases (asthma and Crohn's) that put him at greater risk for serious complications from the flu, skipping the vaccine has never been an option. And though I would acknowledge the fear, I also insisted that it was something he had to endure and that I would be right there with him the whole time. Really didn't make the fear go away and he still had a horrible time (and so did the unlucky staff member who had to administer the procedure).

    For several years, shots and blood draws meant extreme panic attacks and violent outbursts in difficult child 1. I finally took him to a therapist who helped him develop a coping skill to get through these necessary procedures. It took about four or five sessions, combined with an rx for Ativan, and he was finally able to get through shots and blood draws with NO TEARS, NO PANIC. After about 6 months, he voluntarily gave up the Ativan saying he didn't like the way it made him feel. And now? He doesn't even need me to go into the lab with him. Huge difference from how things were just four short years ago.

    Whether or not your difficult child can afford to skip the shot is a decision only you can make as his parent. However, vaccinations and blood draws are something we can't avoid forever, and I think it would be a good idea to seek out supports for difficult child so that he can eventually overcome this fear. Doesn't mean the fear goes away for some, but it does mean that they gain mastery over it so that their life is not ruled by it.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for you opinion Hope. You are correct. I believe some of this "anxiety illnesses" are really illnesses that are not easily diagnosed. This causes more anxiety because people / doctors don't believe him. Therefore he suffers more anxiety and is less willing to discuss what is bothering him.

    His stress / anxiety is very deep. Depersonalization has been present for two years. Unfortunately antibiotics don't solve his anxiety issues.
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    Kjs, I think you should forego difficult child's getting the shot. It just doesn't sound worth it in the short term and there is the chance he may not even need it. What are his chances of exposure?

    easy child gets one every year because she works in a daycare setting - her exposure is huge. difficult child gets one because she has a chance of developing a chest infection, same as me. And since both easy child and I had pneumonia last year, I happily get the shot and urge both daughters to ge theirs. The one year I decided to go homeopathically and instead used the homepathic flu prevention kit, I nearly ended up in the hospital. Incidentally, my H is adamantly against getting vaccines in general. Go with your gut on this one.
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    difficult child doesn't have a fear of the shot itself. It is the fear of an allergic reaction, or more. He researches everything to an extreme. He sees what and how immunizations have affected some people. Those articles cause him more anxiety, and believes he will develop this also.

    I think I will present him with the PRO's. He already researched the CON's. I will leave this up to him.

    Thanks everyone.
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    Last three "guesstimate" flu shots missed the mark and only covered 12 to 14% of the flu strains in those seasons. Is it really worth it? in my opinion (and mine is skewed toward non-vax, take with a grain of salt here)...Nope, not worth it on so many levels.