Focus & Brightspark (herbal remedies for AD(H)D


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I have ordered natural concoctions for child, have not tried yet. Has anyone used Focus &/o Brightspark? For parents with-difficult child's who have food allergy's - what is the best testing advice you can give? It's my understanding food allergy's are a huge problem for some of these kids. Mom needs all the advice I can get. Thanks


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If you look further into the next pages you can find a little info. on these remedies but not much. I think I'll start with a healthier diet and see how that works first. difficult child has been taking 1000mg of Omega-3 and 15mg. zinc for about 2 wks (no sign of improv. yet) I heard it can take quite sometime and I take it with him (fish oil doesn't taste so good) but I let him know its good for us both. I havent seen any news about difficult child's taking herbal anything for any length of time so hard to know (with real people) what has worked for them. Real stories ,I find, are always better than what a doctor has to say.


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I'm sorry, but I don't know much about this. I know that some of these herbals and vitamins for ADHD are basically the same but are just different brand labels.

Omega 3s are an important factor in keeping things under control and do help, as does a healthy diet.

If you can find a local homeopath that treats children, that would probably be your best bet to start.

An allergist can test your child for allergies, but from my experience, they missed the mark on food coloring. They said she didn't have an allergy to the dye they used, but she rages when she's had any food coloring. She doesn't have a typical allergy to it, with skin rashes.

I started Missy on Feingold and gradually introduced foods to her. In the beginning, certain foods were no-no because I noticed bad reactions from her, such as pineapple. Once she was on the diet for approximately 6 months, she got a bit better.