Follow up doctor visits after surgery


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So I was hoping to get the drain out.

IT'S OUT!!!!!!!

Both surgeons looked at me and said I looked really good and was healing well. I asked when I could work out again and the plastic surgeon smiled and said, "Wait until you come next week and we'll see."

I could have gone back to work in two weeks, but said I wanted to stay out until April 1st because I want to look for a real job and not a Program Participant job. Goodwill never seems to hire their program participants, although they are supposed to. This is a story of it's own, but not convinced anyone here would be interested so I'm passing for now.

Meanwhile, I can drive and do almost anything I like and I was very flattered as many, many people at the clinic looked shocked when I said I was 61. One nurse even said, "I hope I look like you when I'm 61." That makes me feel good. I can't control my neurological differences, but I can take good care of myself and try hard to look and be healthy.

To perk me up, because I hate to be home doing nothing, I am getting a haircut tomorrow and, yes, I'm going shopping. I'm looking for finds for e-bay, which hasn't happened yet. I keep buying stuff I don't want to part I have to stop that an d buy things that are going to bring in a mild profit that I can just send off without the sentiment. Can't wait for the thaw so there can be garage sales.

All in all, I really got a good report. Pathology cancer, BUT there were some findings that could have turned into cancer one day. I'm just glad the boob is gone, yet I already look like I have a little boob that is almost equal to my other one (I have never had huge boobs). Next week I get an expander session to start pumping up my boobs to match. Once they are matched, I have one last one hour surgery, which I'm not the least bit scared of, to put the permanentimplant into my right boob.

I am absolutely elated that it's over and that I literally do not have to keep giving myself my constant boob checks for cancer.

Since I chose to only take Tylenol and Narproxen, I have never been sedated. I don't do narcotics and would have to be terminally ill and in immense pain to allow myself any. They make me hallucinate.

Just a check in. Killing time by Skyping Princess and Buddha Baby and Bart and Junior. Sonic always calls me. It's like he has to call me to tell me every little thing. I welcome it. Jumper is the busiest, but I know I'll see her soon.

Life is good...count your blessings every day. I am feeling them hard tonight. Count YOURS too. We all have blessings!


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Can we start a new thread on selling things on Ebay? I don't have a lot of luck. It's hit-and-miss.

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This is a fantastic report.


Very happy for you that it is over, that you now have proof that breast would have been a source of worry in the future, and that your new boob is in the works, as they say.

Really, very happy for you!



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I just wanted to let you know I think it was a smart choice to get the preventative surgery, Im glad your healing fine now. Take care