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    Hi. I'm a mommy of two. I have a part time job in a music school so I would have more time when the kids are at home. Sometimes when I clean our food cabinet, I find expired stuffs and of course I throw them away. Such a waste! Now, my cousin wants us to put up a small cafe near our place. We are in the planning stage and we want to make sure no stocks will be wasted. What should we do? Anyone from the food industry here?
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    Congratulations! Your local University Extension Service will have a wealth of information for you. If the University has a Home Easy Child department, the people there will be knowledgeable. Wishing every success, J.R.

  3. Janette Romano

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    Thanks for replying. I need to check if there are regulatory standards we need to comply to. My friend recommended a food safety management system that has integrated auditing tools. I'm wondering if we'll need it.
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