Foods to flatten you faster

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    Thought I would share this article. I knew beans were healthy, but didn't realize they were *this* healthy. Too bad they make me gag. :sick: Any ideas on how to include beans in my diet without really tasting them? You know...kinda hide them or sneak them in...

    But, beans is just one section. This has some good tips.
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    Run them through a food processor or a blender?
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    it may sound gross, but pureeing the beans and "hiding" them is a great idea. You can use green and/or orange veggie purees and put them into spagetti sauce or sloppy joes. Or you could use sweet potatos or califlower in mac and cheese. I know this one sounds weird, but I have a recipe for choc chip cookies with chic peas!!!!!!!!!! They are delicious though.

    I actually have a small handful of almonds every afternoon around 3 or so. They are a healthy snack that really give you a much needed late day boost!

    I was talking to the trainer at the gym that trained me on the new machines. I asked him about the ab machines they have. I told him I had always heard that getting on the floor is best. He agreed that old fashion crunches really work the best. However, he said you could spend hundreds of dollars on ab machines from tv but nothing will give you a good mid section like a healthy diet. He said you really have to cut down the fats and eat healthy fruits and veggies if you want a good ab!!!

    Geeze, I have a long way to go.......

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    Do you like white chicken chili? Regular chili? Indian foods? Mexican foods? Those are great ways to eat beans with-o making it icky and obvious.
    I'm wondering if the beans have to be cooked from their raw state, or if opening a can is just as good, as long as they're packed in water and not fat.
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    I LOVE almonds, so this is good news if it is real!