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    difficult child has been in football for about 3 weeks now. Last night when I picked him up from practice, he was very upset. He said the coach said he could not tackle anyone (it is tackle football) or catch the ball. husband thinks difficult child is confused over whether he was defense or offense, and will talk to the coach on Wednesday. I just hope they can resolve this, and hope difficult child can resolve it himself. He was doing so good, paying attention and working hard. Now last night he was crying, and saying he wants to quit.

    On a better note, I talked to his teacher, and she said he was doing great. Not speaking out of turn, and even raising his hand. I am not sure if he has ever done that.
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    Im betting your husband is right. Its either that or he was too rough and tackled someone in a way that was wrong after being told several times. Like leading with the helmet or cutting off at the knees or even grabbing the face mask. All things that could seriously hurt someone. Even him if he leads with his helmet and misses and falls to the ground.

    Maybe they are giving him a time out.
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    Football has been hard on my easy child this year. He's not use to having a "teacher" who yells at him. His friend had to do crawls & jumps across the field the other morning because he wasn't issued straps to his pads and didn't have them the next morning. He threw up. Poor kid.

    On top of that, they started the year saying the kids could shower with a swimsuit and now they've been told no way by a coach higher up in our SD. My oldest easy child is extremely modest and now rushes in and out of the shower so fast he barely gets wet.

    If my oldest difficult child were playing football I'd be having to give him daily pep talks because he can't deal with the yelling from a coach. He'd be heartbroken. My oldest easy child can deal with the yelling (although he still says the coach is mean) but he can't deal with all the nakedness among teenage boys. He is totally wigged out over it!
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    Wow, our football is nothing like that. It is not thru the school, but thru the parks and rec dept of our town. The coaches holler some, but I think that is so the kids can hear as there are lots of practices near by and it is kinda loud. difficult child would not handle the nakedness well at all, I dread middle school PE and locker rooms for him.
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    Maybe its the position that hes in that doesn't allow him to catch or tackle. I'm afraid I don't know enough about football. That would leave the kicker and the quarterback, right? LOL...see, I know nothing!
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    That is my problem, I know nothing. I have also come to the conclusion that I do not understand boys and how they think (men are included in this). This does not mean that they are wrong, I just have to accept them and that is that.
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    See, I just assume they're wrong and I'm right. It makes my life so much easier....LOL
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    I understand football. I used to co-coach it way back when. Oh how I loved those days! LOL.

    There is such a difference as they grow from the little boys in flag, to pee wee to school ball. It all prepares them to take instruction, follow rules, sportsmanship, teamwork, "win one for the Gipper", pride in a job well done. You dont have to win to feel pride in doing your best.

    There are many different positions on a football team. More than just the kicker and the You have the linemen and the running backs, defensive players, safeties just to name a few. All are important to the team. Depending on the size of your son, that will limit where he plays most of the time. My kids were thin, tall and wiry so they played either free safety or running back most of the time. Jamie tried quarterback a few times but didnt like it much. Cory was a hell of a running back because he simply didnt care if he got crushed. He would run and run and push through anyone. Defiant little cuss!

    If you have questions about plays, or players feel free to ask. I LOVE football. I live and breathe it and watch it constantly on tv.
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    ASO - :rofl:

    Yes, they do think differently and I recommend leaving husband to handle this one. Feel relieved that you can just let this one roll and comfort your child while husband deals with the other 'guy' stuff.
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    Janet-Are there other players besides the kicker and quarterback that do not tackle and do not catch the ball? Those were the only two I knew of that don't do those two things.

    Busy, I'm leaving dear old dad to deal with easy child and "guy" stuff. husband and my 2 easy child boys aren't that close. They get along, they just aren't buddy/buddy. Now, PaPa, (my dad), he deals with all the yucky guy stuff, with the exception of the S*X talk I had with oldest easy child the other day. Thats a topic for another day though! LOL
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    difficult child plays either wide reciever or.... now I forgot. He is short and skinny. I know he is on defense and not offense. Janet-- my husband lives and breathes football as you do. I think the reason he wanted me to take difficult child to practice last night was that there were 2 games on last night. He told me that last night after we got home. :slap: I will try to update you guys after Wed pracice when the knowledgable (sp) one :bow: (do not ever tell husband I just said that) goes and figures this all out.

    I did tell husband that I would deal with easy child's "girl" stuff if he dealt with the "boy" stuff. husband is scared to death of "girl" stuff :rofl:
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    If he is on defense he is probably a safety. Or a tight end. Dont you just love the names...lmao.

    Actually the kicker and the quarterback CAN tackle but most folks dont recommend that the quarterback tackle because it could get him hurt. Kickers tackle if no one else manages to stop the dude running down the field after the kick

    Its been known to happen.

    Of course, Im talking about older football too where they do kick offs. I forget that in the pee wees they just place it on the line.

    There are wonderful books out like Football for Dummies. I just watch the games. We had such a good time coaching though. We coached Corys flag team. It was a blast. I miss those days so much.
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    I may be PMing you to get more info on football as the season progresses. They have their first scrimmage at the end of Sept. Me and PCs bestfriends mom are clueless. I know enough to be dangerous. Scoring etc., but not all positions and their function.
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    I heart football.

    And had 2 daughters. Sigh.

    You a Panther fan, Janet?
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    I asked difficult child and he said he is a wide reciever or corner back. We just finished playing catch, and at least he is as sweaty as I am . /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif I feel really old and way to out of shape. :surprise: